Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breaking Dispatch From Warpedville

Returning home I was greeted by this fabricated press, courtesy of the hyperwarped mind of Q The Conqueror. I find it ridiculously funny and suggest that Q be disbarred from approaching the keyboard.


Obnoxiously Loud Blogger Missing; Foul Play Suspected

After gathering other bloggers for late-night conferences continuously for the past few weeks, blogger and fifty-something advertising guru LoudCloud has suddenly gone missing after exposing his face and several other bodily parts to fellow bloggers during these said conferences. Datu, the transvestite prune-like blogger of iamdatu, commented on how good LoudCloud looks for his age and says "Where is he anyway?". Another blogger, who refused to divulge his identity, said "LoudCloud's prolly out in Thailand again, changing his sex finally, or something like that." Blogger, Q the Conqueror said to this reporter that Mr. Cloud is "Probably in Burgos, getting a few STD's, the damned traitor."

Regardless of their opinions, The Gay LoudCloud Chatters Association (G-LOCA) is prepared to give awards to those who are able to locate or give information with regard to the whereabouts of LoudCloud such as blowjobs and a chance to go T/HERE and dance the night away with Mr. Cloud. AP

Fifty-something!!! Niyahahahaha! What a scream! Now I wonder which equally-demented media outlet will run this shit! LOL.


datu/the wilted prune said... you're sixty. >:)

ian said...

G-LOCA: i believe he's been spotted leaving the compound of a certain tv station at 0200H, cozy in the arms of a bald, be-spectacled host, giggling like a colegiala... but he was walking and not wheelchair-borne... so i may be wrong =]

E said...

free blow job? I'm a start looking hehehehehehe!

Mugen said...

Oh, I won't mind running the press release on my blog. Hahaha. You've been missed.

Q The Conqueror said...

Now I wonder which equally-demented media outlet will run this shit! LOL. --> You just did! Niyahahahahhhahahahaha. :P :P :P

Q The Conqueror said...

Tae. Hahahaha. Remind me to kick you. I just learned something disturbing :)) which you have semi-caused. :P

Mac! said...