Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Delayed Telecast Hits The Loud Cloud

Spoiling the merriment of negative nellies is something I do with uncurbed glee. In this vein let me announce—much to the annoyance of aforementioned NN—that I have not choked on spiked chicken galantina/fruitcake during the insane Holidaze and likewise assure my nonexistent loyal readers that I am not decomposing unmourned.

(Lovely way to greet 2009, innit? To discharge fresh load of vile and caustic remark.)

But here's a dour declaration: There will be updates/radical change(s) that's going to happen this warped side of Bloggerville.

Also, being the unchallenged emperor of tardy acts, allow me to greet everyone who cared to digress here a Merry Christmas and an optimistic New Year!

I know it's very stale but the sincerity of the thought remains.

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