Monday, October 20, 2008


everything smells
delicious. I steer the
crowded streets
breathing in
the thoughts of pedestrians -
their soundless musings
like the wafting foam
of hot cappuccinos
on damp afternoons.
I navigate busy concrete
wet with the soft shimmer of sundown,
the loam underneath
dreaming of potpourri
and freshly-cut grass.
Counting every measured step
this is where I remember you
and my spirit climbs the ladders
of unseen joy—every dull thud
of my feet
melts slowly
like scented weekends
reeking of sun and salt.

Or something
equally comforting,
for instance,
the rinsed whiff of dusk
rising from the pavements
after the rain.

[this is NOT a poem]
- for T

[btw, thanks to Q for making this messy drivel make sense]

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breaking Dispatch From Warpedville

Returning home I was greeted by this fabricated press, courtesy of the hyperwarped mind of Q The Conqueror. I find it ridiculously funny and suggest that Q be disbarred from approaching the keyboard.


Obnoxiously Loud Blogger Missing; Foul Play Suspected

After gathering other bloggers for late-night conferences continuously for the past few weeks, blogger and fifty-something advertising guru LoudCloud has suddenly gone missing after exposing his face and several other bodily parts to fellow bloggers during these said conferences. Datu, the transvestite prune-like blogger of iamdatu, commented on how good LoudCloud looks for his age and says "Where is he anyway?". Another blogger, who refused to divulge his identity, said "LoudCloud's prolly out in Thailand again, changing his sex finally, or something like that." Blogger, Q the Conqueror said to this reporter that Mr. Cloud is "Probably in Burgos, getting a few STD's, the damned traitor."

Regardless of their opinions, The Gay LoudCloud Chatters Association (G-LOCA) is prepared to give awards to those who are able to locate or give information with regard to the whereabouts of LoudCloud such as blowjobs and a chance to go T/HERE and dance the night away with Mr. Cloud. AP

Fifty-something!!! Niyahahahaha! What a scream! Now I wonder which equally-demented media outlet will run this shit! LOL.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing Melody

But (S)he will never be baaaaaaaaaaaackkk!

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God, I miss Sugar Hiccups!

Also, Badly Drawn Boy:

And btw Mugen, since you're into chill out stuff, here's a melancholic one for you. Not really a perfect soundtrack to those "emancipation" entries in your blog but this might be useful for those moments of sudden remembrance:

Ignore the dripping sadness of the songs and have Happy New Week people!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Raging Rambutans

Rant time around here, LoudCloud voyeurs and before you scroll down I suggest you inhale copious amounts of sedatives. This will make you resist crafting combative, snarky retorts or similar indignant attempt to prove your elevated intelligence and more enlightened grasp on everything. It will all be futile, to put it rather dismissively. Because you and I know that your righteous fury will slide off like scandal flung upon Ruffa Gutierrez’s Botoxed face. Now that we have established that all dissenting opinions or livid responses will be summarily ignored we can proceed on this week’s bullets of bile.

  • 01. Who was THE brilliant spark who enthroned Apples Aberin Sadhwani as foremost authority of Philippine fashion? Every time she opens her vocal orifice I brace myself for something ignorant or idiotic to gush out and she consistently never disappoints. It’s plain to anyone with a total of ten brain cells that in terms of fashion knowledge, taste levels, and keenness to grasp new ideas she’s five notches below an atrophied starfish. Her understanding of fashion is comparable to reading the nutritional data of a stale box of Rice-A-Roni. Her judging skills can be compared to that of a comatose weasel and let’s not get started on how she farts through her mouth the most inane, recycled comments she stayed up late to memorize from the US version of Project Runway. Invariably her critiques can be summed up by the following general categories “You have to step up,” “I’m confused by your design/dress/ideas,” “I don’t like it” and “I’d rather be home masturbating with dynamites than feign trying to understand your rags but this show will give me free clothes and a Ponds endorsement so I might as well get comfortable regurgitating the most bland lines since Maid In Manhattan.” (Ok, I made that last one up.)
  • 02. Why is Senator Villar so hell-bent to wipe out pornography? Is he denying the fact that people have hormones and would rather safely enjoy the pleasures of simulated sex in the privacy of their homes instead of going out on a maniacal sexual rampage? Is this part of his moralistic agenda to clone Chris Tiu? Is he bidding for instant canonization? Who appointed him as the High Lord of Morality who saw it fit to sanitize the world because we are all incapable of mature, responsible sexual behavior? Piss off, senator. Censorship has no place in a generation who has seen everything from Britney Spears shaved vagina to headline featuring Clinton getting a head job. This generation is much smarter than your fossilized stance for saintliness. Suggestion: censor your mismanagement of public trust and public resources. That is much more obscene than Jenna Jameson screwing appreciative dudes. (Thanks EfBee for inspiring this rant. Hehe.)
  • 03. Why is Cristy Fermin such a dilated labia? And why is ABS-CBN cheering her by still allowing her to infect the airwaves with her stink?
  • 04. Why am I being wrathful? Did I miss my valium fix?

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keanu Would Be Delighted

Chris Tiu, all I can say is: Be careful with line breaks. Hehe. This is just for humor's sake, hope you're a sport. I heart you, Chris Tiu! I'd love to 'interview' you ;-)

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Scavenging through forgotten folders of my abandoned old laptop I stumbled upon entries I did for a previous blog and I shrivel in horror. Who wrote all these insane twaddle? I cannot believe I was reading hysterical entries that provoke pure mortification. Good thing I shed the dang thing. Ugh. If ever someone I know in real life find all these sentimental tripe (I blogged in the past) I’ll never live to hear the end of it. “Some things are better off buried for good,” My aunt used to declare. I knew there was more to that pronouncement than her husband’s bell bottom pants.

~ ~ ~
Emo Alert: Avoid reading further if you’re not in the mood for downers.
~ ~ ~

Human habit would have it to cling stubbornly to a good feeling. You dwell on it, refusing to discard, lingering its welcome, outstaying its passing, intentionally swimming in the last shimmering slivers of warmth.

Eventually you smarten up. You wake up buoyant, assured of newfound resolve never to be vulnerable again. But for now, just for a little longer, your heart sinks, you throb in delicious agony, fluctuating between nostalgia and despair.

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