Monday, October 20, 2008


everything smells
delicious. I steer the
crowded streets
breathing in
the thoughts of pedestrians -
their soundless musings
like the wafting foam
of hot cappuccinos
on damp afternoons.
I navigate busy concrete
wet with the soft shimmer of sundown,
the loam underneath
dreaming of potpourri
and freshly-cut grass.
Counting every measured step
this is where I remember you
and my spirit climbs the ladders
of unseen joy—every dull thud
of my feet
melts slowly
like scented weekends
reeking of sun and salt.

Or something
equally comforting,
for instance,
the rinsed whiff of dusk
rising from the pavements
after the rain.

[this is NOT a poem]
- for T

[btw, thanks to Q for making this messy drivel make sense]


Q The Conqueror said...

you can pay me by wearing a T-back when we meet, you vaginaddict. :))

Mugen said...

Oh but it is poetry my dear Loudcloud.

igno said...

This is not a poem... It's just something that has poetic and rhetorical devices. And it's written by a poet too... Oh, this ain't a poem. I agree with you on this one loud... I really do.

conventional Wisdom said...

Nice non-poem I've read lately. =)

wanderingcommuter said...

then i wonder what this is it? but regardless, it is still worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but anything alluding to scents and smells in your blog reminds me of the Bhoy Abhundha ads you made. Your fault. Jejejejeje.

loudcloud said...

Q - you have really the appetite for horrific things. hahah.

mugen - is it? :P

igno - why did you delete your blog?!

conventional wisdom - thank you for the compliment!!! :-)

ditto, wandering commuter!

mac! - hahahahah. well, nostrils will go down history as the most unforgettable fragrance of them all! LOL