Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing Melody

But (S)he will never be baaaaaaaaaaaackkk!

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God, I miss Sugar Hiccups!

Also, Badly Drawn Boy:

And btw Mugen, since you're into chill out stuff, here's a melancholic one for you. Not really a perfect soundtrack to those "emancipation" entries in your blog but this might be useful for those moments of sudden remembrance:

Ignore the dripping sadness of the songs and have Happy New Week people!


Mugen said...

Ei, I like Sugar Hiccup too. Ugh, I was a kid then, by they really rock. Too bad, I can't play your tracks on my office PC.

datu/the wilted prune said...

oooh---the 'marphil' song!!!! ^-^'

(sorry for a datu-exclusive comment ;p)

E said...

sugar hiccup rocks!!!

Q The Conqueror said...


Obnoxiously Loud Blogger Missing; Foul Play Suspected

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