Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pansy Pill & Other Psychosis

Huge chunk of my afternoon got spent on ultraproductive, highly-beneficial endeavors, no wait, who am I kidding? I was procrastinating like a sedated skunk.
The PANSY PILL. Working along the warped idea of a “happy pill”
with some pansy overtones this came out of my idea chute.

That’s when it hit me. Why not create some jpeg posters for this blog? And I did, furiously. A lazy spin-off of the previous Wry Martini idea, maybe I should shove the idea further in a crazy purpose of loading this blog with more insane attempts at shameless self-promotion.

This is not fantasy advertising, as there is no coherent or logical strategy behind these random doodlings. I shall however discuss each design briefly and send exorbitant creative work billings to one of my multiple personalities. Hey, it’s a democracy. If foul account directors get away with plying clients with stratospheric rates for hackneyed creatives, what is so immoral about doing it upon one’s self?

Evidently I need my screws checked.

The SKEWERED MADNESS . A derivative, along the line of
“served daily” and “daily fix”.

The STROKE IT MERRILY Swoosh. Stroke the brush
till the rainbow comes out.
Hideously offensive concept.

The MISSING CARCASS. A tad boring
adaptation of the earlier post.

Hopefully someone steals these jpegs and—if luck would have it—spam them to everyone on their address book then my visitor counter would finally get rescued from miserable anemia.

Only then I can have fame! Fortune! Friends!

Delusion is a great motivator.


ian said...

not to blow smoke up your ass, but you ARE the master of shameless self-promotion (i am but a minion...)

which begs the question: how come i only came to know about this blog's existence after MY own shameless self-promotion? tsk.

the swoosh gets my vote by the way. just let me know when the campaign for more hits begins hehe

loudcloud said...


because it's supposed to be a 'hidden' blog, einstein.

thanks to you my cover is ripped.

i feel soooo exposed, oprah!


thanks for wandering in.