Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wry Martini

Boy scouts honor their pledges and in the spirit of allegiance I'd take similar stride, regardless of the horrific consequences.

Someone left me an offline message but emphatically specified that I leave out his name/handle (a mistake I made in my previous posting). His chief curiosity circles around the depths of my wobbly confidence:

“Not to be shallow,” he states. “But it would be nice if you could post your picture on your blog. I’m sure it’s very doable (insert smiley emoticon here). I’ll meet you halfway by emailing my own picture. (insert three smiley emoticons here)”

Wow. Big incentive!

“Ok,” I fired back. “I’ll meet you halfway.”

Half of my face is posted above.

Your turn.

~ ~ ~

In reality the picture request kind of served a good purpose. I have developed some sort of instant jpeg poster to further my shameless self-promotion initiative. Not only will the cyberworld recoil from my gruesome features, it will hopefully reel in people to this blog.

A double dose of horror, to be blunt about it.


Antigonic said...

The picture's good! I don't have the guts to post my own probably because I was nearly hounded by our chairperson for posting inexplicable shits our school has. Talk about trauma.

Btw, I love the 'Loud Cloud' banner! :)

loudcloud said...


when the hallucinogens wear off please feel free to do another appraisal! LOLZ

thanks for the compliment on the banner. i'm still mulling over the idea of a more appropriate loudcloud identity. in the meantime what's on the blog will do.

cheers! or, if you are cherry pie picache in 'mano po': CHURS!

ian said...

or kung caterer ka/ party needs supplier: CHAIRS!