Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Delayed Telecast Hits The Loud Cloud

Spoiling the merriment of negative nellies is something I do with uncurbed glee. In this vein let me announce—much to the annoyance of aforementioned NN—that I have not choked on spiked chicken galantina/fruitcake during the insane Holidaze and likewise assure my nonexistent loyal readers that I am not decomposing unmourned.

(Lovely way to greet 2009, innit? To discharge fresh load of vile and caustic remark.)

But here's a dour declaration: There will be updates/radical change(s) that's going to happen this warped side of Bloggerville.

Also, being the unchallenged emperor of tardy acts, allow me to greet everyone who cared to digress here a Merry Christmas and an optimistic New Year!

I know it's very stale but the sincerity of the thought remains.


CW said...

"existent" loyal reader here. =) happy 2009 loud.

Tristan Tan said...

My Christmas tree still stands so I guess it's never too late. Happy holidays LoudCloud! ;)

datu/the wilted prune said...


Mugen said...

Glad you made your presence felt. I wonder what these changes are, will you be at the forefront of a blog revolution? Lol.

E said...

merry new year :-)

t'was nice to know that your ok :-)

Tey said...

That what the holidays all about.. EATING!!! and gaining weight. The heck !!! Happy new year Loudcloud..Better late than never
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loudcloud said...

CW - that was touching! can we keep on touching? niyahahah. no scrap that out, ang halay! haha. ugh. my skin is crawling. hehe. thanks a lot though, now i have one existent loyal reader! :-)

Tristan - indeed! are you donating your tree to the historical institute anytime soon? hehe.

datu - niyahahahaha. you HAD to remind me. LOL. ok, ok! sheesh. *hug*

loudcloud said...

mugen - no, i'd leave the revolution bit on andy bonifacio's hands. no, wait, he's uhm, passed away. happy new year din!

E!!! - ditto and thanks! hope your new year arrived with great optimism and cheer! :-)

tey! you're spot on! niyahahaha. a merry new year to you, too!

Misterhubs - your silence these past few days haven't gone unnoticed. happy new year and may 2009 be filled with countless pleasant surprises, too!

Misterhubs said...

Hey LC. Happy 09. It's supposedly the year of the ox, but in my case it's the year of the ex. Cheers!

loudcloud said...

misterhubs! happy happy 2009! clever twist there. may you have plenty of cheers too!

CW said...

Loud - So I guess you don't like touching. Lol.

MH..wait...there may be a mis-type, baka naman 2008 was the year of the sEX?

Anyway, if it was really the year of the Ex, 2009 should be better...after all, it's the year of the "OKs"

loudcloud said...

CW - i have a book titled just that: Touching. I haven't touched it in ages and I'm happy to announce that it's unfinished and have generated enough dust to support a Baobab tree. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What are the changes???? Where are the updates??? You're scaring me.

ArchieMD and JAG said...

hey! how have you been doin'?

@misterhubs: year of the ex talaga huh?

Anonymous said...

are you dead?


loudcloud said...

mac! - nothing to be scared of hehe.

hello doc! i've been... i dunno. been offline for ages :P

x - no. not quite, much to the annoyance of others. hehe.

ian said...

hey. here's to shaking off the infectious non-attention we've given our blogs in 2009 hahaha

i'm sending a meme your way soon. comply, whether you like it or else =]

*wicked evil grin*

amateur ear said...

Welcome back. =)