Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Loudcloud, Vaguely Explained

N.S., a voyeur of this blog, needled me with questions that prompted this unplanned post. His concerns are the following:

I am writing to tell you that I am amazed by your writing in your LoudCloud Blog. How do you make such good writing? Do you have special, maybe expensive software? What books are you reading? What habits of writing can you give to a frustrated, non-English speaking, aspiring writer like me? It’s been more than 3-month ages ago since your last post in your blog. You used to be prolific, and the dwindling total number of posts each year is noticeable. Still, the quality of each post impresses me to no end. They are at par with those by Jessica Zafra or Clinton Palanca. Now, if you could answer and share with me why you are so good. Hope you help me with my poor writing. And hope to see that long overdue post, which is worth it.

Your kind words make my nipple harden especially when I keep on rereading that bit where my incoherent twaddles are mentioned in the same league as The Overlord Of The Universe and another fine man of Philippine Letters. However I have a nasty chromosomal streak that keeps my delusional tendencies in check so I must dampen your enthusiasm and say that I am not at par with those literary supernovas. I am not being coy; false humility is not stitched in my DNA either. What I do best is poke fun at the ridiculousness of everything (Hello, Cris Pablo! When’s the next flick?).

My blog is what it is: a blog. It’s not falling into the caliber of writing worthy of thesis dissection. It’s an obscure repository of warped drivels and occasional bursts of emo-ness that would make your epithelial cells curl.

I am sorry to have disappointed you dear N. I thought I’d make it painless for both of us and point you directly to Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet so I can resume combating with my tornado-riddled daily life. I fear I am not the most credible adviser as far as finding your writing voice is concerned. The chic and catty Kitty Go once said that writing and cooking is something inherent: you either have it or you don’t. But I am sure there are seminars or workshops where foundations of great writing are taught, helping you find your own voice.

As for loudcloud, it’s not a voice worthy of analysis. It is an irregular disjointed howl of random things that the general universe can exist without much need of. Save for a few voyeurs who inhaled prohibited substances and for inexplicable reason keeps digressing here for unpredictable dispatch of warpedness.

Their persistent loyalty is rewarded with very long gaps in between posts.

Thereby educating them with the virtue of forbearance.


datu/the wilted prune said...

hah! you really had to write a blog post on this when you could have simply sent the good man a privy reply. i knew you can't resist the call of vanity... >:)

- the annoying prune (because "The Annoying Orange" is SO a rip-off ^^')

Manech said...

"It is an irregular disjointed howl of random things that the general universe can exist without much need of."

I must really like irregular disjointed howls then.

And yeah, this should serve as a precedent. People must write letters like this to you on a regular basis. :D

ian said...

this is The-Longest-Thank-You-Post-To-An-Adoring-Fan-Without-An-Explicit-Mention-Of-The-Words-Thank-You-Ever =]

now we know how to coax you back into the blogosphere- shower you with undue adulation and elevate you into the pantheon of wordsmiths amidst shouts and sighs lamenting our own unworthiness and dysfunction =]

*hey. septembeer's almost here! i distinctly remember being told that you'd be human again around that time. see you?*

Mu[g]en said...

Sometimes, joy can be expressed through wordlessness.

But I can't keep my silence knowing you came back. Hello Mister Loudcloud!

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, your blog has its following already. just take all the flattery in, and hope that gives you enough push to write more, and then some more. "those who can do more/have more should give more..."

i wonder what you think of my blog though. it ain't as "grand" and "literary" as yours, but it sure is my own catharsis. my way of self-redemption. i am trying to get rid of my guilt. hope to hear your thoughts about it. yeah, you can be mean, nasty, brute, frank, evil. say what you must. that way, i get to be challenged and push towards writing literary eclat kunwari. it would be an honor, loudcloud. thanks in advance. you see how important you are. LOL.

Anonymous said...

carmelo i miss you
where are you?