Monday, October 25, 2010


Speaking of minor yet quite significant crushes, I am vacillating between Ann Curtis and Sid Lucero. I’ll give further details about this if planets align and some insane urge to blog hits me. Meantime, you, loyal voyeur, are getting these three grand sentences.


Mu[g]en said...

Only three? You want us to indulge ourselves with scraps? Lol.

ian said...

that's Anne Curtis, with an E. better get the spelling right so she'd crush on you back... then again, you got Sid Lucero's name correctly, so... =]

loudcloud said...

Mugen - next time four na! hahaha

ian - so sue me :P unlike you i am not obsessed with celebrities and you'd trump me if there is a geekfight challenge devoted on The Buzz hahaha

QQQ said...

You suck.

Let me repeat.

You suckity suck.

Let me repeat.

You suckity suckity suck.

*kicks loudcloud in the nuts*