Monday, November 10, 2008

Feed The Infant

Lurkers and accidental readers of this blog please help a very poor helpless HIV positive infant and an abandoned very sick guy of the same affliction. Thanks to Chronicles of E for spearheading the drive to donate stuff. I texted my doctor buddy Ian and he said he'd send some stuff they need (or the possibility of dropping in himself) and I will be bullying people to donate various stuff (food, toiletries, diapers and unused shirts for Steve) tomorrow and messenger over what we can gather. Forward the link to people you know who might be willing to help out. Postpone buying that obscenely-priced Balenciaga shirt and for one moment in your life be a blessing and a miracle to those two souls in desperate need of your unexpected generosity. Thank you and may you will be blessed more.


E said...

thank you so much for helping out :-) you are a good person :-)

for those who wants to help but has no means can email us letters for baby Nathan and Steve...they need all the help they can get :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH PEEPS!

loudcloud said...

full credit should go to you E. had you not given us a heads up we wouldn't be able to exercise our little bit of help. hats off to you!