Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello stranger, I got no minute to spare

Months ago you vanished, nowhere to be found. One unremarkable evening, you’re back, remorseless, a truant lugging bagful of secrets. You are a trespasser now as you once were. And you will stay thusly: a beautiful riddle whose secrets have been watered down by absence.


MisterHeuge said...

I miss you, dammit. Blog! Blog! Blog! =)

Anonymous said...

Death to FILLER!


or i swearim gonna hunt your lazy advertising executive ass!

red the mod said...

Much has been said on the previous post that I feel it is a waste of valuable online real estate if I allow my indulgent translations. But I reckon matters of this must be handled as gingerly as is necessitated. And it is not a waste if the intentions are for a friend.

My condolences to you and your bereaved family sir. I have kept my promise to deter from sharing what has occurred in your absence. However, seeing that a few do know, and have expressed their sincere regrets for your loss, I too must voice my condolences.

Not as an answer to the heed of the bandwagon, but rather because this is the only channel I know and have access to to express it.

I know little as to the what's and the how's, but what I do know is despite the brief departure, and the lost opportunities for a proper farewell, the cries of your heart are not left unheard, and you need not worry that the sentiment was left unfelt.

Fate has an eloquent way of placing situations on our platter. It is not always as poetic and subtle, but the lessons are just as resounding. Do not worry, a better place awaits your beloved.

We, your avid followers have sorely missed you. And I pray, despite my apparent agnosticism, that you find solace in the knowledge that you are not alone in this. Through our humble prose, may we extend the warmest of embraces and the most welcoming shoulders to lean on.

loudcloud said...

misterhubs/evil panda - remind me to email santa to cross you both out of his list.

rtm - again i will say this simply but sincerely: thank you for your sympathy and for taking time to write your thoughts here.

Leon Koh said...

just to say hello to you..happened to surf into your blog


loudcloud said...

Hello Leon!

Thank you for wandering in here.

Hope the entries (especially the most recent ones) don't scare you off :-)

cheers from manila!