Friday, March 13, 2009


Priceless chance for proper goodbyes was denied of us.

Your departure was anguished, fraught with deep longings for beloved absentees who ache in equal measures with you.

This is what wounds me the most: that fate wasn’t charitable to our shared thirst for one last embrace, for one last episode of mumbling brave reassurances that things are going to be all right. Finality has descended, as opaque and inscrutable as midnight, as conclusive as an extinguished breath that cannot be mended by grief, or revoked by tears.

But you are not entirely gone. You will be right here whenever I hear crisp, hearty laughter or whenever I walk into summers perfumed by ripe mangoes and freshly-threshed rice. Your face will burn in my mind whenever I hear strains of Besame Mucho which I will vividly recall being violated by your off-key hums.

I love you. I will incessantly love you.

I am fortunate that you had me in your lifetime and I am in profound gratitude that you have been an imperishable footprint in mine.

So for now I will mourn in silence, my labored farewell exhaled inaudibly, every saddened syllable carried by the faint evening breeze towards the infinity you will now call home.


datu/the wilted prune said...

*taps fingers* :-w

Mugen said...

My heartfelt condolence. He is at peace.

Anonymous said...


datu/the wilted prune said...

oh, sorry...thought you were talking about this blog. :,(

MisterHeuge said...


CW said...

I don't know if the post is literal or figurative. Nevertheless, my condolences. Rest assured that one day, you'll see each other again.

loudcloud said...

let me say it simply, sincerely:

thank you everyone.