Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Give 'Em Hell, Osang!

Noontime television shows are a daily source of pure steaming shit. They keep on bastardizing the media’s powers and shred every remaining speck of intelligence of viewers. They keep on churning subhuman, formulaic, unwatchable idiocy and pander on the desperation of underprivileged populace and brand it entertainment and civil service.

And now it seems that the charming sparks at MTRCB, in a blinding flash of supergenius, are hell-bent in establishing a society of sedated woodpeckers of us.

MTRCB I have a branding slogan for you: "Thinkers Will Be Shot"

I applaud the balls of Ms. Roces—she’s been candid, brutally honest, yes, and speaking for what seems to be a fair assessment of majority of our educators isn’t about being insensitive: it is a glaring malaise that needs a sobering rethink. Our dank educational system has long ago gone to hell and when someone points it out she is vilified? People, you don’t need to oust a judge like that: you put her in charge of the government! You don't suspend a show not because you have an outspoken judge; you suspend it because its very existence is offensive to the basic dignity of humanity.

This is a democracy and a contrarian opinion should be encouraged, not subverted.

MTRCB is neither a voice of reason nor the guardian of morality. It’s an unwanted institution gloating in it's sparkling vision: zombify every citizen into a society of agreeable, slavering idiots.


red the mod said...

Yet some still question our government's evident refusal to leave third-world status. For the very reason that democracy is a sordid misnomer of a once proud ideology.

A nation of successes leave little room for puppetry and coercion, extortion and condemnation.

loudcloud said...

red please explain success, USA and bush ;)

Dhon said...

Go Osang.. i support you! she does raise a valid issue..
Don't just rely on books and teachers.. its True.. in the real world stored knowledge is applicable only around 10% the rest is pure gutts and courage..

red the mod said...

Sorry, allow me to categorize that statement. Success is non sequitur to being first-world. So as far as success is concerned, an exemplar cannot be provided. My bad. Hehe.

Manech said...

I think there is some truth in Osang's comment. Sure, it may have been a dangerous generalization, but it is worthy of being thought about.

I studied and graduated in a science high school yet what I only learned, or rather, what was taught to us (most often implicitly, but on a number of remarkable occasions, explicitly) was to never question authority, but to follow it, blindly.

And this concerns not only our teachers, I believe, but the whole education system. And probably not only here in the country.

I'm getting quite angry right now, so I'll probably just stop.

Thanks for this post.

Andrei Alba said...

she could have spoken her mind in a subtle way, but she opted not to.

it's her personality. and it's her opinion.

but based on my experience, i am not where i am now if not because of the teachers that helped me along the way. true enough, not all teachers teach what their students deserve to learn, but generalizing may hurt the feeling of others.

if only her mother is a teacher, i doubt she will utter that statement.

just my thought.

loudcloud said...

dhon / manech - that takes a lot of courage: pointing a flaw no matter how true will always ruffle a few feathers. that's precisely why we hate bitches because they always highlight the inescapable truth :)

hello andrei - thanks for your comment and for following my blog. you are right: it is her personality and it is her opinion, which she's entitled to express.

like you i have my fair share of noble, passionate educators and these blessed souls have educated me well to be critical of conventional wisdom--to always question things, to always be curious and to always consider alternate perspectives. when you do these things there is not much room for subtlety :)

but let's all be honest here: have we really taken a long hard look at our current educational system? are we happy with it? would you want *your* children educated this way?

my issue is mostly with mtrcb/the shows.

mtrcb because they elected themselves to think on my behalf as to what's acceptable and the shows for the hypocritical "self regulation" bullshit. if they regulated themselves well there will be no noontime shows of subhuman intelligence; now would they oust a judge for being critical. the media SHOULD be vigilant AND critical instead of pushing the self-interest of economics.

but i appreciate your comments. let's agree to disagree on differing perspectives :)

Andrei Alba said...

you're very much welcome. i love the way how you speak your mind through your writings. i've been reading for quite some time now.

well, yes, i agree to that. our education system here in our country is a total failure despite all the purported efforts that our government brags.

i came from a public school back in elementary and high school, and i can say that most of the issues when it comes to how the education system goes are not totally attended.

now comes election. new rulers to old failures. i just wish there will still a day when we can say that education is the thing in the philippines.

see you around.

loudcloud said...


"new rulers to old failures"


but despite of rampant bleakness there's that undying optimism that eventually pinoys will get so sick of the system and finally do something about it.

it's a long shot but it's worth anticipating :)

thanks again.