Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello, Truant

Dear LouCloud,

Skip the pleasantries and let’s zero in on the most raw of facts: you’re a negligent blockhead. You seem to have forgotten how to write a decent blog, and let’s not even get started on the sorry state with which you have abandoned TBAC.

What happened? Someone stole your thesaurus? Shift+F7 keys worn out from rampant abuse? Mental Herpes?

Frankly I am sorely disappointed. I have put up with your inadequate postings in 2009 and I will no longer tolerate the same dismal state in 2010.

I miss you and your many hideous tendencies. I miss us.

Where are you? Where were you? Have you allowed yourself to drown in the gutters of a good book and decided not to come back?

Will you come back?

If you ever did, will you have breathless stories to tell?

Will these stories rush on like rivers of running sentences drowning me, drowning cities?

Please write back. Meanwhile I am swimming in the rhythm of repeated glancing towards the driveway, anticipating your homecoming.



datu/the wilted prune said...

blog writing to author. COPY CAT. :-w

Manech said...

Yes, that was quite a while.

But I'm not the person to cast the first stone.

So welcome back. And happy new year. :)

ArchieMD said...

cannot wait for you to come back... will welcome you with open arms

red the mod said...

One can only speculate on what debauched absurdity The Loud Cloud has gotten himself into this time. We can only hope, and surmise, that the prolonged absence be linked to a very productive personal/professional life. One he deems, the ingrate and selfish genius that he is, unfit for the consumption of his minions.

Happy New Year! You, and your in-your-face cranial calisthenics, and literary litanies have been sorely, although in-obviously, missed.

ian said...

while i am not the mowdel of consistent blogging excellence myself, i must agree with the sentiments posted by the aggrieved party. could not have said it better myself...

then again, on second thought, good riddance. haha

-oops- may regalo ka nga pala sa 'kin. better not piss you off haha

Galen said...

Yes, my dear Loud Cloud, please write back.

Hugs and Kisses,

Misterhubs said...

I know the feeling. We need a muse.

Q The Conqueror said...

I was gonna say the same thing as datu - COPYCAT!

Hoy loud - i need to chat with you. argh.

datu/the wilted prune said...

Even dead blogs are haunting you to come back. You should be ashamed! :-w

Q The Conqueror said...

*excuse me, im not dead. i just haven't had any updates in the last two years :P hahahahhahaha. and all my entries except the porny comic ones are gone! :P*

I wont die until loudcloud sleeps with me eh. (or didn't you know that?)

loudcloud said...

evil prune / Q : oooooooh, you've unmasked me! i feel soooo exposed, oprah. i can never have lunch in this town again!

or: shoot me :P

loudcloud said...

manech - oh, do hurl the first stone! aim it well towards Q and the evil prune!

haha. thanks so much :)

archiemd/RedTheMod - thank you! it feels neat to be appreciated :)

ian - this is my thanks for going through hell to find you a suitable gift, you dork!

mugen! - thanbk you though let it be said that in the event YOU stop writing i'll ask datu to hunt and sic you! haha. keep writing!

misterhubs - stop whining, you ALREADY have a muse - mystika! hahaha