Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello, I Maybe On My Way Out Again

Disappearances are the hotbed of anguish. Often than not the despair resides in the hearts of those who are widowed by nonattendance, where it throbs and branches out like springtime tendrils searching for answers or apologies. The absentee, no matter how valid the reasons, or how urgent the manner of departure will always leave a bruise while carrying with him a pouch of guilt that can only be mended by homecomings.

When words fail you, melodrama comes in handy, doesn’t it?

Hello, I’m partially back. (Be warned though: this might lead to another sudden exit.)

I miss out on a lot of things, obviously. Just thinking on how to catch up exhausts the living sap out of me.

I wish I know which one to pick up first: the broom to sort out the cobwebs around here, or the mouse to click my way into non-refundable ticket to sunny Rio?

Decisions, decisions.


Tristan Tan said...

Well, welcome back... partially. :)

loudcloud said...

Hahahaha thanks Tristan! I'm trying to blog with a longer entry but can't seem to know how anymore. hopefully I'd snap out of it and whip up a more decent entry :)


red the mod said...

And the valiant viceroy of verbosity finally returns. How opportune that this occurs at Easter (Pasko ng Pagka-buhay).

Your livid verbatim have been sorely missed sir. Your stark, uncompromising perspectives and blatant in-your-face assertions that are often so sharp even Kris Aquino would blush. Your voyeuristic audience have long yearned for any morsel of your exquisite extrapolations, and explicit indentations.

I do hope you regain the prolific momentum we have come to endear to much. The gravity of your absence too palpable, hollow, and abysmal that words will undoubtedly fail to encapsulate the sullen void your hiatus have brought.

Welcome back sir, may itineraries afford you the capacity to further feed our voracious appetite for your literature.

datu/the wilted prune said...

hello. do i know you? >:)

Galen said...


loudcloud said...

red - wow, you have a way of humbling even the most prolific thesaurus user ;-) thanks for the vote of confidence.

prune - and i was expecting a welcome louse!

galen - malegayang bate! (that sounds rather nasty hahaha)

ian said...

mukhang KOC did you a lot of good? =]

(in case you missed it- you probably did- click on me name)

loudcloud said...

doc ian - whoa thanks for remembering! :)

loudcloud said...

yeah KOC was very nifty!