Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crushing On Carding

Sid Lucero, it is the promise of you flickering onscreen that I watched Rosario and all I can say is: Why are you so goshdarn annoying?! When I say annoying I mean you dare to have it all: smoldering gazes, gravitas, panache, effortless restraint, undeniable depths of talent to match those steaming good looks! Ignore the fact that you’re fundamentally a celebrity/royalty but if you so much as drop a hint that your IQ is above 130 well I’ll overlook the whole morality of the debate and personally rally to have you cloned!

Your Carding is so palpable, gut-wrenching, devastatingly beautiful we felt we’re not watching scenes onscreen but a projection of a slice of our selves. To know that there exist close to nil Cardings in the world all the more make us pine for you to be real.

But you, Sid, is real, and someone else as real owns you.

So we watch your shimmering self onscreen as you toss your humanity towards the audience, eclipsing everyone, giving us voyeurs a darkened blanket to behold you with a mixture of awe, longing and pain.


Quickfire.Com said...

Tagal na nitong post mo. Update naman please. - Ana

xienahgirl said...

There was a 'recent came from' info from here based on my site stats.

Hindi ka na nagupdate. How dare you! Ang tagal ko na gusto magmessage ulit pero I don't know kasi kung makakarating pa sa iyo at mababasa mo pa.

I miss you Carmelo ):