Monday, March 31, 2008

Breathing. Barely Blogging

Scoured the exotic books and magazines section of Chatochak and survived its dense, labyrinthine stalls. And that's the short of it. (I'll probably write about all the hilarious messed adventures.) So, yes, misterhubs, I am still alive but barely blogging. I was busy with work. In another corner of the earth. In my haste because of trip details fuckups I never really had the chance to blog or inform people except X that I was exiting Manila. It was so hot. And I just didn't mean the spicy food and the weather. Hormone-crazed dorks, wipe out that nasty grin off your face.


Misterhubs said...


A bag of Nestle Tea Time will do for me. Hehe.

Enjoy your trip. Bang some kok. :)

xienahgirl said...


sino kaya si X?
sa pagkakaalam ko e
buti na lang pala
Q ang start ng name ko


ingat ingat ka diyan
wag mo masyado paduguin
ilong ng mga locals

Boyd said...

Hey Loudcloud!!!

While you're in Bangkok, can you buy me a knockoff of Lonely Planet PHILIPPINES? Pretty please :)

It's around $3-$7, depending on how much you haggle. Hehehehe.



Coldman said...

asan ka na ba?

Misterhubs said...

Still overworked eh?

loudcloud said...

misterhubs and boyd, please don't let your suking mambabarang to sic me! i didn't buy any pasalubong because i was so stressed during the assignment! i was so exhausted that the entire afternoon scheduled to buy pasalubongs was wasted to catch up in much-needed sleep. i'll be back there soon and will make stern memo to self not to forget else all hell is gonna break loose!

X - thanks! i can't help it! despite admonitions of a teammate not to speak in grammatically correct sentences to be understood by some locals i kept on blabbing in correct sentences thereby adding to the sordid confusion! was a riot, though!

coldman - your backyard. hehehe :P