Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pen & Play

The Blog Awards Challenge is a blog competition combining literary skills, interactivity and peer polling. The Blog Awards Challenge is bi-weekly theme-based writing event for everyone in the blogosphere. A challenge is posted in the site every two weeks. Bloggers who wish to compete will write about the theme and post the entry in their respective blogs. A panel of regular and revolving set of guest judges will select the ten best entries out of the submissions. The ten finalists will be posted in the Blog Awards Challenge website and is open for polling by readers.

The first challenge THEME will be posted on April 13, 2008 (Sunday). However, before that exciting day comes, we want you, dear bloggers, to help us create a buzz by writing about this newest delight to grace the blogosphere.

Write a post that helps promote this site. No limit of words. Write anything you want, well, positively. The only requirement is to link back to this page,, using the keywords "The Blog Awards Challenge". You may also download and use the promo jpegs on this site.

Once you have your post ready and published, please tell us by leaving a comment.

Since we so much value your help, on April 12, 2008 (a day before the posting of the first challenge), we will be giving out prizes to the lucky few who have participated in the promotion. A winner will be selected in a random drawing and will receive an iPod Shuffle. Books will be given to two runners-up. Titles of the books will be posted soon. The first runner-up will get the chance to select the book he/she wants. Automatically, the book remaining goes to the 2nd runner-up.

Winners will be posted immediately and be contacted through email for sending details.


ian said...

Posted adverts in
and hope they help =] so... do they qualify as two entries for the iPod raffle? hehe

talksmart said...

awesome! awesome!!

Hey loudcloud, is it possible to make a smaller badge for those blogs that have smaller sidebars? I tried to adjust your badge here but the texts are jeopardized.

Thanks again!


xienahgirl said...

nilagay na kita sa blog ko.
sa comments pa.

Dakilang Tambay said...

suportahan ko ito.. namimiss ka na namin loud! :)

loudcloud said...

ian - no, you are disqualified from the ipod raffle! bwahahhahaha.

talksmart - will resize later after office.

X! X! X! - hahahhaha bait bait! ay lab yu! hahahahhahaha.

mia! salamat! salama! ay lab yu too! hehe


Done. :-)

ian said...

i officially hate you. hahahaha

~ zirquera ~ said...

nice blog ;)

julia~ said...

hi po! ;)
napadaan lng para bumati!


loudcloud said...

misterhubs - thankyouthankyouthankyou! see you at the challenges! :-)

ian - and you are officially ignored! lolz. kidding.

zirquera - thanks :-)

julia - hi to you, too! :-)

Mariano said...

Ah, teka, nilagay ko na yung badge pero kinopya ko lang yung english description mo ng walang paalam. Dadagdagan ko na lang! Haha, sorry Loud! :D