Sunday, June 17, 2007


Talksmart nominated me, and from hereon this semi-obscure ramblepot will be up for scrutiny and subject to polling for the honor of Blogger Of The Week. Thank you so much Talksmart! I am not sure if this may be a Biblical sign that Earth is going to detach itself from it's designated orbit and hurtle towards the sun.

I'll revise this entry later. I seriously need to sleep.

Meanwhile, if you are deeply bored and have a glaring, huge lack of better things to do vote for me here. Voting is open everyday; so do your bit for charity and induct me to the hall of fame and fortune by voting for me everyday till the polling week is closed.

Not voting for me, or anyone for that matter won't postpone the Apocalypse either.


ian said...

well-deserved and long-delayed!

the tarpaulins are being unfurled along EDSA as I type, airtime for TVCs have already been booked AND paid for, PDI has already acquiesced to do a Special Project gratis.

what else?

O, Mahal has agreed to be your blog's mascot. for the bargain prize of a cool half mil. bill's on its way! =]

shameless self-promotion at its best! yeba!

loudcloud said...

Mahal?!! ang mahal ng talent fee! 'tangina! bwahahaha. but am not sure mahal will rub off a warm fuzzy feeling for crazed bloggers to vote for me. para mo na rin si-nuggest na i would have a landslide had i picked 'ang undin' as official campaign director. no, wait, hmmmmm