Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Inconvenience Of Work

Ethical persons would religiously flaunt off this weird concept of not mixing work and blogging. Obviously these are seriously disturbed people which I cheerfully ignore. In the past two weeks, however, work priorities have demanded so much of me that I barely had a moment to catch my breath. Nine sleepless nights in a row and I have semi-permanent dark circles around my eyes that no one can tell the difference between me and a crazed panda.

As a direct result blogging took a backseat as glaringly apparent in my anemic number of entries of late. Not that it’s such a huge deal to anyone, but it’s like missing a daily valium fix for me: blogging is therapy.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a wanker in my book.

Despite my nerve-wracking work backlogs I allowed my friend Euclid to drag me to Fabric, the ongoing fashion series at Piedra. I missed some of the prior Thursday gigs but this particular Thursday I relented. Amina Aranaz was showing her artsy bags.

The crowd was slightly different; it’s more urbane, smarter and a neat contrast to the usual excessive fare of glossed up super-attractive partymeisters in high heels and low IQ.

Amina announced she’s going to award a great piece to the lady, or a man, who best exemplified the zeitgeist of the evening.

The winner was a transvestite in a drag. Women scowled, men groaned, fags cheered and giggled.
There is twisted justice in the world.


Anonymous said...

and there i was feeling guilty each time i gave in to the urge to sms you since you were in the thick of preparing for your event...

you gave in to the urge to view phantasmagorical B-B-BAGS?!

well. was it good for you? =]


Mel said...

hmmmm... a tranny as the quintessence of an evening. while everyone else thought otherwise--the scowls and groans must have been priceless! my compliments to the artsy bag designer's wit =] cheers!

loudcloud said...

mel - it was a rich moment i was laughing my lungs out. cheers to amina (i wish i know her personally :-) )!

ian- oh, shush. haha. you're a tolerated intruder. like you didnt know that already. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

we ALL need our egos stoked and stroked every so often =] you wow'd them in your event i take it...


loudcloud said...

i - after a series of near catastrophes the congratulations poured in which we of course ignored in exhaustion and relief. i'm switching to cabbage farming as a career, i swear.

HotCoco said...

Hello. ;)
Your posts are very entertaining. Hahaha.
I work here in Ortigas and it's boring me to death. Gaah.
Hahaha. :)

loudcloud said...

hotcoco - your handle makes me all ravenous. hehe. work is often synonymous to pure, unadulterated boredom. it requires great guile and cunning to survive it especially if it's something you have to do for the rent. hehe. best of luck, and looking forward to reading your work rants in your new blog!