Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Countless Disregards

Bizarre things frequently ricochet in my head like wicked Frisbees hurled with mad glee by deeply crazed Olympic javelin throw athletes. Today one of these insane thoughts circled on my sudden realization that most of the crucial, life altering moments in my life slid off to oblivion undocumented in any of my blogs. The most euphoric moments, the most devastating, the most triumphant, the most heartbreaking, the most tender, the most touching, the things that really matter passed into the great beyond like spectres drifting into the far recesses of remembrances with no tombstones erected in their wake. There are no verbose manuscripts inked in their honor. Yet they are not completely gone. When I unintentionally fix my gaze towards the windowsills and see smudges of rain my thoughts float into splintered pieces of recollection and I smile. Their once brief visit is remembered. In equal measure of welcome and regret.

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