Friday, August 31, 2007


Harken back to ancient summers the sinuous tapering of your earlobe dwelled in the parallel edges of my teeth. There, amidst down and linens, I ached to say something but my awkward words sunk, eclipsed by froths of your weightless titters. Those words never floated since, wisely opting to colonize the obscure spaces of Never Been Said. I lacked of something clever to say; they were of no credence or consequence—nothing but jumbles of a cancelled declarative that have lost its peal: You made me grasp the exhilaration of Soumchi. Oh, the elation! Of writing the alphabets of your name! On a lake in a sink! To cup them into a pool in my hands and splash it upon my face! Pedalling downhill on a bike, muttering your name, my heartbeat racing with the wind!



Such exuberant prose. I wonder who is this for.

loudcloud said...

misterhubs! - if this doesn't make sense let me establish the fact that i just got home, tipsy from alcohol and the welcome company of good folks i happen to consider pseudofriends! three bars, two intoxicating mix, and my synapses deteriorate. so is my mental faculties! hehe.

however, let it be known that i appreciate your leaving comments on my insane blog. this entry is just one of those passing recollections for a past episode that shall remain nameless. oftentimes we fall prey to lapses like this, don't you agree?

i'd heed your advice and stick to firefox, firmly rooted to an unassailable resolve that IE is the byproduct of an antichrist's.

much thanks!

talksmart said...

hi. Ur blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 72). Please visit the Composed Gentleman site to vote. :-)