Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Hannibal Lecter Campaign

Nat King Cole predicted my second nomination, predated gazillion years ago. In his ditty he crooned my sentiments:

I was walking along minding my business,
when out of an orange colored sky
Flash, bam, alakazam,
wonderful you came by,
I was humming a tune,
Drinking in sunshine,
when out of that orange colored view
Wham, bam, alakazam,
I have got to nominate you!

'King' purists will undoubtedly grit their teeth and sheath their samurai given the shameless way I took 'creative liberties' and bastardized the last line to fit my conceited end. The irrepressible Talksmart (aka The Compsed gentleman) is, of course, to be blamed:

"hi. Ur blog is nominated for the
Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 72). Please visit the Composed Gentleman site to vote. :-)"

VOTE FOR ME! Everyday! Till the day the polling closes!

If you want to abort the impending apocalypse!


datu, the wilted prune. said...

i have voted my loyal subject, and will as such for days to come, as i had promised thee. :)


I'll vote for you. Yours is one of the best blogs out there and I'm not just rimming your hole. :)

loudcloud said...

datu, empress of the universe: my eternal gratitude to your regal benevolence! i shall scour the earth of bottled estrogen for your consumption so you can stay young and beautiful for eternity!

loudcloud said...

misterhubs you are offending my sweet-catholic-schoolboy sensibilities! bwahahhaha. not!

thank you for the vote of confidence! i'd hate this to sound like a mutual admiration society fuckfest but i'd say your blog is much much more smarter and unvaryingly enjoyable!

thank you for doing your share in preventing the onset of premature ejaculation! Errrr...Apocalypse!

loudcloud said...

errrrr more smarter? the grammar nazis will have a field day! hahaha

joy-joy said...

sa pagkakataong ito, sigurado na ang panalo mo. ;)

Q The Conqueror said...

Lol. It appears a lot of people love you (and I am one of them), you got almost double the votes of your nearest competitor. Hahaha.

loudcloud said...

joy joy! - yehey you're back?! thank you thank you thank you thank you!

talksmart - thank's for the second round!!!

q - i am kind of surprised where these votes came from considering this obscure blog has been metric miles away from the popularity radar for the longest time. but i'm thankful all the same :)

joy-joy said...

congrats! sigurado na ang panalo mo :D

cai said...

joy-joy nakapag vote na ako. sana may mga posts dito na makakarelate ako... hehe

loudcloud said...

joy joy! - maraming salamat for imposing my insanity on everyone!

cai - thank you for voting! the reason why most people can't relate to my insanities is because i am a full time autistic shielded by a halo of conceit and self-absorption! hahaha. agaian, salamat po!

joy-joy said...

mukhang tatagilid pa ata tayo. nasaan ba si garci at bidol? hehe.

loudcloud said...

joy joy! - hahahahaha. ok lang yun. at least di kulelat like last time! ;-)