Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stealing Thunders

Angry mobs consisting of The Ex President’s disgruntled devotees staged a rally in Ayala this afternoon which tragically didn’t end in riots, public disorder or peaceful resolutions because rain haemorrhaged and dispersed the loyalists. Pneumonia is scarier than indignant protest for supposed injustice, I gather. The tabloid-centric evening news is the clear loser in this picture. No sensationalistic headlines! No public drama! No teary-eyed snot-nosed Joe decrying the verdicts! Corrupt politicians are not the villain in this case. Bad Weather is! The Nielsen’s Ratings Board is, naturally, not amused.


toni said...

mr. loudcloud..please update your voting chart..

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I saw this one too since they were protesting in front of the building we're in. I thought the same too and thought the protesters were probably lounging at Jollibee sipping hot chocolates and coffees.


loudcloud said...

toni! - whoa! i'm not dropped in the contender's list still? i've voted sporadically and since i got so busy i didn't have time to master psychokinesis and do mind control on cybervoters to ensure my bid for blogger of the week a.k.a. world peace!

thank's for alerting me on this. i shall update the chart at once!

loudcloud said...

antigonic - yes, they were! after receiving their rallying per diem they were sipping lattes at starbucks in paseo center! my question is: where do i enlist myself for these rallies so i can collect payment and enjoy a paid-for cappuccino? if you have information regarding this do alert me. i'm not human unless i gargle on caffeine!