Thursday, September 6, 2007


Aliens haven't abducted me.

The reason of my sudden disappearance isn't attributable to inter-galactic green men wishing to lodge anal probes in the almighty name of scientific advancement. Regrettably it's all about that dirty four-lettered word: work.

I am in another island and after three days of uninterrupted bikini and swimmming trunks exposure I'm losing all interest in hormonal pursuits and now contemplate on adopting a vow of celibacy.

I'll be back in the raging metropolis friday to dish out proper blog updates and accordingly thank everyone for salvaging my insanity from total obscurity to be a robust contender in the blog of the week award!

Prevent untimely erosion of mass intelligence! Vote for yours truly!

And watch the mass escalation of my warped conceit!


Kai Santorino said...

which island is this???

loudcloud said...

kai - confidentiality clause says that if i mention the latitudinal/longitudinal ordinates of the location of this project i'll be shipped to alcatraz without preamble. until the whole thing is made public i fear i will remain in vague-ville. hehe.