Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sounds Of Sadeness

Datu this is for you.

Your present melancholic spell deserves a soundtrack. So I rummaged through mountainous stacks of CDs in my disarrayed flat to compile this belated mixCD in reference to your gnawing sadness. I would have given it last week but I was deported without preamble into Toxicville at work. In fact I just got back from a very herniating five-day work assignment.

I should have compiled something jolly to cheer you up. But I am irresponsible and I figured there is so much poetry within the vast infinity of sadness.

(Leave an offline message through YM as to where the courier will drop off your mixCD.)

Meanwhile I would like to extend my dizzy appreciation for my slavish supporters—the cadre of universal elites who catapulted this insane blog into the forefront of the Filipino Blogger Of The Week cyberpoll. (Toni and JoyJoy I owe you a couple of martinis!)

There will be a proper update later (or tomorrow) when my mental synapses snap from that of a depleted scatterbrained zombie back into a full operational human being. Or something resembling a human being.

Meantime excuse me while I pass out like a sedated parakeet.

~ ~ ~

Welcome home to the third world, Ian! You are such a stubborn lot! You and your quixotic dreams of hearting the Philippines in favor of Finalndia Vodka is both admirable and mind-boggling.


talksmart said...

No bias at all, but i am waiting for this to happen. Finally you've won the Filipino Blog of the Week award. Not only that. I am elevating your blog to the Hall of Fame. Congrats!

Keep blogging. I love all your ideas!

toni said...

mr. loudcloud elevated na po kau sa hall of fame..

loudcloud said...

Thank you talksamart! It's an honor, seriously! It's very neat how you aggregated diverse bloggers and united them in a healthy competitive spirit! I hope The Filipino Blogger of the Week will see more and steady streams of great blogging enthusiasts. Mabuhay ka!

toni! maraming maraming maraming salamat sa pangha-harrass ng mga tao para bumoto! hahaha. nagkamali si pichay! ikaw dapat campaign manager niya! ;-)

joy-joy said...

congrats loud cloud! at last! hehe :D

loudcloud said...

joyjoy! - not only did i win i got fastracked into the grandest hall of fame! what threat of physical violence did you inflict on talksmart for this to happen? hahaha. kidding!

maraming salamat!

ian said...

(thanks for the warm welcome- i'm not worthy! knowing that you're Filipino Blog of the Week Hall of Famer and all...

/me *cartwheels with you!*)