Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blows & Jabs

Life is easy. Living isn’t.

Life is a given. It’s just…there. Conversely what you make out of such an accident is entirely up to you. To make things tougher you have to deal with horrid realities and devastating existential tribunals that regardless of all external human help, friendly support, random brushes with little miracles, you are exclusively alone in braving the occasional anvils the universe dribble upon your wretched head.

Such is the case last week which culminated into what can be only described as Frenzied Friday. The week had been a steady bout with relentless disputes, multiple deadlines, frustrated expectations, a stressful negotiating duel with the powers that be, logistical mishaps and compound irritations that reduced me into the finest possible endorser for Maalox, Prozac, or if readily available, chainsaws. On hindsight maybe this is what I deserve for refusing to buck under pressure.

It turned out I am not the only one rolling with the punches.

If I had a daunting week, Beauwolf had it rough and Nicodemus had it severe.

Beawoulf not only didn’t get the promotion he diligently labored for in the past two years but his efforts were completely overlooked. To inflame matters, he was offered a much lesser responsibility and an outsider was ushered in to oversee his division. So much for his talent, dedication, and hard work.

Nicodemus on the other hand have it in heaps. He’s not served the cosmic dilemma dish; he’s plied with a whole buffet of creamy crisis. There’s the domestic struggle that will probably end up in convoluted annulment. He got involved in an accident with his car wrecked by a stuck-up loudmouthed elderly lady; his schedules all messed up, and had to sleep in a shoddy lodge while waiting for the matrimonial muddle to clear up.

How dandy: Even in distress we are all gung ho.

Having bartered our overtures of woes we came up with synchronized, unanimous verdict: "Tequila time!”

Our Friday Night Migration commenced at Greenbelt for dinner, Then Shangri-La Plaza, which led to Embassy for a couple of beer, then much later, Embassy Cuisine, for a couple more beers. The crowd started to get dense with hollow twang so we fled and retreated to Piedra.

In Piedra we bumped into few acquaintances, swam in a trickle of omnipresent nocturnals i.e. models, celebrities, band members, the glamour industry and various predators, preys, leeches and assorted shady characters whom I shall not name. Then, of course, there’s us, skunks on the prowl, in quest of shrugging off our personal saddles with the Easy-Fix breadth of intoxicants.

We then moved elsewhere after Piedra, for post-alcohol chill out mix involving…more alcohol. We didn’t feel better. Instead we brace our dopey heads for massive hang-over. Then again the whole week was one expanded hang over distributed in five doses.

If in the end we get something for our resilience I'd hate to be pushy but where’s my reward for having put up with all that?

~ ~ ~

Reprisal from hewhoshallnotbenamed regarding my previous entry:

hewhoshallnotbenamed: Loud! I'm hyperventilating. I've never been quoted in public so much in my entire life :) Just to set the record straight, I do not deal in contraband so your paranoia is unfounded. On the other hand, my paranoia of being found out is increasing. I wonder why . :) I'm just counting the days when I can finally meet you. Please don't have a hidden camera in your bag and photograph me and paste it all over the web along with my by-now infamous quotes . :) By the way, I do appreaciate the well-bred and well-mannered remark :)

~ ~ ~

And her exalted highness addressing her lowly subject:

loud cloud: why, hello, her royal highness!
iam_datu: hello my royal guest. what brings thou to mine regal realm?
loud cloud: boredom, for one
loud cloud: lol
loud cloud: i'm checking mail when i saw you online so i must do the obligatory royalty-imposed bow
loud cloud: now that i have done so, i shall cease from distracting you from anime
iam_datu: ahaha i do no anime for now my royal visitor. but thou art welcome to disturb me.
loud cloud: please do not admit in public, oh exalted one, that presently thine eyes are set on watching boy abunda until thy brains atrophies to oblivion!
loud cloud: hehe
iam_datu: oh nothing like such. i at this time am wandering about my empire, for i seek luxury and good nature before i attend once more to my responsibilities.
loud cloud: how noble and . . . regal
loud cloud: so i presume your constituents are offering you all their gold and precious stones
loud cloud: not to mention their young wards for thy personal harem
iam_datu: i never really had a personal harem, but i took the wards anyway for good company.
loud cloud: hahahahahaha
loud cloud: how strangely ...platonic!
loud cloud: lolz
iam_datu: so, hows ur day?
loud cloud: just woke up
loud cloud: dehydrated from previous night's alcohol gargling
loud cloud: lol
loud cloud: now i am plotting my unimpeachable victory for the blogger of the week thingy
loud cloud: which is unlikely
loud cloud: lol
iam_datu: oh its sad i haven’t been online for quite some time, much as i had wanted to
loud cloud: exams to be blamed
iam_datu: i do assure u my royal assistance should u need it.
iam_datu: well, quite a bit. also i’ve been much preoccupied reading Sandman comics
loud cloud: merci
loud cloud: oooooo a gaiman fan
loud cloud: my college friend is a gaiman nut
loud cloud: he's got everything by him
iam_datu: i bet an autograph too..
loud cloud: i think so, too
loud cloud: i was at a gaiman talk in greenhills before
loud cloud: organized by fullybooked
loud cloud: there's this cute (cute here doesn’t fall on the complimentary) girl who asked: given your popularity how do you use it for the common good? or something along that line
loud cloud: i'm sure she's still suppressing that memory through medications
loud cloud: lol
loud cloud: people laughed but i admire her: she's got balls!
iam_datu: n what did mr gaiman answer?..
loud cloud: he didn't snicker, which was admirable
loud cloud: he rambled about something which now escapes me
loud cloud: in a witty way, of course
iam_datu: well if he's ever to personify the Lord of Dreams himself, he has to.
loud cloud: right
loud cloud: how's your exams btw?
loud cloud: aced them?
iam_datu: i wouldnt say i aced them, but i got through them unscathed
iam_datu: my mext exam is wat worries me
loud cloud: yeah? how so?
iam_datu: it won't be until next wednesday, but my head's still hollow frm lessons
iam_datu: i mean, it didnt matter how much time i spent studying the god-forsaken subject--it just never goes through me. >_<>

~ ~ ~

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Q The Conqueror said...

Sigh. I think every one is harassed this time of year. I did nothing the entire weekend despite the fact that I got 2 papers to do + orals. Hehe. I really needed the break. I'll just cram it all later. Bwahahaha.

I really do think that Gaiman based Dream on himself. They have the same nice long hair and facial structure.

@Datu - I bet if PM was here,you'd be very very happy. But in the meantime, drown yourself in his blog muna. Haahahahahahahaha.

datu, the wilted prune. said...

wat is that YM conversation doing there?? @_@

Nadriamez said...

i enjoyed reading your blog and i am envious at the same time. i missed the days where my creative juices were overflowing.

you will win this week for sure and bitterness will be gone :-)


Q The Conqueror said...

Oh yeah, ngayon ko lang nanotice. I LIKE THAT TITLE!

loudcloud said...

q! - tough stuff last week and monday was the same stress mess. i survived though but my stomach juices can dissolve steel! haha. the title is appealing to innuendophiles such as yourself! :P

datu - i know you'd protest but humor me. i have a valid excuse: it's a refreshing break from my daily insane posts :P

nadriamez - thank you for the positive vibes, but i'm not setting myself for lofty aspirations. check out the "bitter gourd" entry hahaha.

Nadriamez said...

seen that bitter gourd entry prior to posting :-) thanks for hopping in my blog


Ah. These are the moments that make life worth living. :)

Coldman said...

nice work!

loudcloud said...

misterhubs - indeed! and i'm gnashing my molars! haha.

coldman - thanks, thanks, thanks! :-)