Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bold Characters

Toss four art directors aka design snobs in a room, mention the words “Helvetica,” “Comic Sans,” “Arial” and “Times New Roman” and watch tantrums explode. You might also want to stand back just in case the impassioned debate tilts toward the physical violence zone and blood starts to spurt. There should be a reality show based on this. TypoLoco? What’s Your Type? Or Fontomania? How about Spread Your Kerning Really Wide? Cattiness, bitchiness, name-calling and tempers flying. All the comedic elements are in place. Shoot the pilot. Just don’t expect an easy deliberation on the typography of the opening credit titles. Anyone who mentions “Avant Garde” will surely get stabbed with a sharp Mongol No. 2 in the eye.


Q The Conqueror said...

LOL. I always did hate Times New Roman. So when I was a kid, I used Comic Sans a lot.

Read: When I was a kid.

That leads me with Helvetica and Arial. Hmmmm... I go with... Some other cool font I'll find in the net. Hahaha.

talksmart said...

Question: what is your favorite font?

loudcloud said...

Q! - helvetica and i have a love-hate relationship. it is an extremely fluent, nondescript, versatile type that works all the time. the problem is every design joe has exhausted it's highly-adaptive functionality that it became 'standard' for design, thereby losing its edge. it even has this unappetizing reputation of being the choice for people who are not articulate with the discipline of typography because of it's dynamic character (it amazingly works when other fonts don't).

arial, on the other hand is something i won't touch with a ten mile pole.

loudcloud said...

talksmart! - whoa! you have opened the proverbial pandora's box of font mania! hahaha. please do not ask for my favorite fonts (read plural) if you are not in the mood to have your gums dozing off. lolz.

i'll give you a hint: i'm prone to use sans serif types(futura, gotham, meta, max, trade gothic, even verdana/trebuchet) and look at serifs (garamond, palatino, bembo) with mild interest.

now i have unmasked myself as a type geek! haha