Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Achilles’ Hell

Although my admonition to draw the line between professional decorum and personal emotional attachment was articulate and sober, one of our intrepid, ultra-efficient assistants plunged wide-eyed into the unclear possibilities with the model we were working with. Gorgeous people come and go, I warned, but your job is constant. But how can you reason out with the dreaded yet exhilarating four-lettered word? Now she’s scattered. Half-giddy, half-possessed. With a pinch of stupor occasionally creeping in her lovely face. Poor girl. She’s a goner. This is her struggle so I exercised restraint, stood back, wordlessly. Knowing full well everyone was her at one breathing space in a lifetime. She’s a mirror of our inherent humanity. A reminder that despite our jaded resolve, we’re still, essentially, clay.

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Ok, I'll yell this once but REALLY LOUD: Before you vote for me VOTE FOR CHIKSILOG!

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hewhoshallnotbenamed (9/11/2007 11:45:39 PM): loud, I ask myself why I have absolutely nothing witty to say to you now. Is it possible that you've flattered me too much by quoting me several times that I have lost it? I offer instead a poor substitute -- I voted for your blog today :)

The vote is appreciated in heaps! We all have momentary moments of void. No worries! Temporary catatonia is excusable. The acting of Mark Herras on the other hand...



I have friends like that. Talking sense to them is like talking to a wall. Just let them be, let them crash and burn and learn their lesson.

loudcloud said...

apparently situations like this further push the theory that the dreaded four-lettered word is a phase of short-term insanity. haha

Antigonic said...

voted for you!!!

loudcloud said...

antigonic! - much thanks!!! :)

XienahGirL said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman
you campaigned for my blog?

speechless ako.
thank you.
sa totoo lang
hindi ko talaga alam
sasabihin ko
pero thanks

loudcloud said...

xienah! chicksilog the blog rocks!