Friday, November 2, 2007

Empty Streets & A Second Helping Of Recycled Non-Sequitors

Initially I planned blogging about how Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas were practically a ghost town yesterday, an obvious fact given it being a holiday. While everyone packed their beer coolers, poker cards and mahjong tables and heed towards the cemeteries, I decided to be the lonesome ghoul working at the office. It was kind of freaky when it was so quiet you can practically hear yourself breathing. Add to the fact that the lousy building turned off all the hallway lights and a quick trip to the washroom suddenly have the atmosphere of a horror flick. But the entry didn't materialize because my mind staged an unscheduled blackout so as before, I'd resort to shameless recycling.

love in the time of soap opera
Created on: Jan 09 2006 @ 11:55 AM

another random browser pointed my obvious air of conceit (see previous post). i'm prone to agree if it means i'd get rid of touchy egos and unwanted over-sentimentality. life is peculiar as it is without having to add melodrama into one's existence. don't get me started on having to deal with excessive doses of other people's insecurities. it's staggering, the abundant supply of touchy-feely nancies.

please don't demand an apology from someone who can see through your deficiency.

sunny side pop
Created on: Jan 09 2006 @ 12:09 PM

contrary to popular disbelief i do have a disgusting sunny side. i laugh over silly cracks. i think [as opposed to what other folks consider to be ugly] bulldogs are cuter and much more charming than half of my cousins combined. as a grown man i don't cry in public and will never admit under threat of bodily harm that the movie e.t. had me crying, having watched it at the age twenty four. i do believe in the great hug therapy and considers casablanca and cinema paradiso to be shining examples of what great love is all about. neither will i be shaken off the resolution that humans of any age shouldn't outgrow pillow fights.

stop me before i turn into a quavering jell-o.

instant coffee mates
Created on: Jan 17 2006 @ 08:50 AM

since when did it become trendy to equalize familiarity with a brief encounter over a cup of coffee? i'm wondering because a lot of people seem to have this "getting to know you over a cuppa-o-latte" kind of thing going on. it's amazing. can really gauge a person's worth before the brew loses its heat? essentially, how much self-flattery or self-aggrandizement can you cram in said over-coffee conversation to create a great impression before one of you decides to have another cup to prolong the exchange or put the two-person acquaintance party into a grinding halt with a convenient excuse and leave?

it takes many people a lifetime to know another. so maybe our coffee culture is attempting a shortcut.

mental abortion
Created on: Jan 18 2006 @ 09:48 AM

all of a sudden my mind went blank.

when i went online my mind is whirling with countless ideas but they disappeared like fickle vapors the minute i logged on in (name of website). it's really irritating when that happens. it's like an interrupted orgasm. it's painful, and, understandably, leads you to a very foul mood.

now i'm staring at the blank word processor (not that i'm paranoid, but it's mocking me), absorbing the radioactive glare of my monitor, waiting for the end of the world as we know it.

contrary to the r.e.m song, i don't feel fine.


Created on: Jan 20 2006 @ 10:40 AM

work is a female dog. what makes it thankless sometimes is the fact that there are people who harp, whine and moan, making the whole experience less endurable. i am not aspiring to walk the easy street but this is becoming more disheartening everyday. it's steadily becoming a plateau of tedious tasks, a constant tiptoe in a volatile playground seeded with landmines of egos and insecurities.

this used to be fun.

farewell, firecracker

Created on: Jan 20 2006 @ 11:03 AM

look here, i'm quoting a pessimistic royal: "you have too much sincerity; you must be an actress." so do me a favor. enough of the lip service. i am sick of fiction. for once it would be refreshing to see you steering away from this orbit and explode in less genuine places. it doesn't matter where. pick anywhere but here. find a calmness in the far corners to violate. i'll watch the distant flickers and think it's not firecrackers igniting but fireflies dancing.

sugar-coated bile
Created on: Jan 20 2006 @ 11:38 AM

oftentimes you spend excessive whiles obsessing over something. be it a person, a token, a feeling, a dream, a thing, a possibility, a yearning. yes, you are aware of your dishonorable lapse in self-control, but you can't help it. it is as if you are hotwired into being drawn closer towards absolute self-humiliation. you are shamed by the fact that you have allowed yourself to loosen your grip of reality and decline towards helplessness. there is another name for such addiction. but you'd rather not bother finding out. the longer it remains nameless the more excusable the denials would be.

all you need is time. a precise moment to finally arriving at a point of being totally fed up and realize that it was nothing but sugar-coated bile.

if such time will come at all.

fake f*ckers

Created on: Jan 20 2006 @ 12:27 PM

how to spot a fake in (name of website)? no rocket science is required if one is keen. for the slightly dense here's a few screaming clues:

1. in their profile/s they declare to have attended prestigious schools but their sentences have more grammatical fractures than a congressmen. a dead giveaway.

2. they claim to be straight but list queer eye, queer as folk, will and grace and the likes as favorite tv show. more so if all three appear in succession in their list.

3. state they're educated but can't spell for shit. state that they're literate but don't have more than five decent authors as favorites. state that they love rock/alternative music but later on tell you on-chat that they think britney spears is the bomb.

4. declare themselves straighter than an arrow but leave self-affirming, telltale comments on homoerotic journal postings of other (name of website) members.

5. write 'straight' in their profile. then amass a list of buddies whose primary profile pictures are an assortment of penile bulge/crotch shots, magnified abdominals, tight underwear shots, and attractive images of people who belong in the same gender.

6. if s/he uses a picture which is too attractive and polished-beyond-belief chances are those images were lifted from porn sites, stolen from modeling outtakes, or photoshopped like there's no tomorrow. bear in mind that only about 14% of the earth's population are qualified underwear endorsers. (consider yourself lucky if you discover few honest people who post their authentic attractive pictures; don't hope too much though)

7. they are quick to point out/broadcast the deficiencies and misleadings/deceits of others. this act is not really a public service; this is indiscretion. not a very attractive trait.

8. they tell people they are into long-term relationships. then flood the journal section with postings soliciting a quick f*ck.

9. they fill out their profile fields with entries saying they are not in here for sex/good looks/good time but most of their profile's buddies are of those pursuits. you kind of wonder what are they in here for: sharing the good news of salvation?

10. more than those who post images that are not their own, do watch out for those who tell you emphatically that they are very sincere and/or honest. probability is they are not.

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