Friday, November 30, 2007

If I Were A Manila Peninsula Concierge

Sensationalist reporter hyper-amplifies the drama of the Manila Pen presscon into a hysterical level of "anarchy." I rolled my eyeballs hearing the breathless narrative which if one is highly imaginative will give off mental images of the gasping reporter in the advance stage of cardiac arrest.

"Quick!" an annoying pseudofriend texted, "What would you say to incoming guests if you were the Pen's concierge?"

Without thinking twice I thumbed in "Welcome to Manila, Mr. Rockefeller. Our dumb, mutinous soldiers will escort you to your room! Stay indoors and watch CNN until the tear gas fumes subsides. Have a nice day!"

"Ass!" came the reply.

This is my thanks for being factual. PR people are an insane breed.


Antigonic said...

Throw that comment to me and I'd say:
"Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines wherein were having coup d'etats every Thursday and martial laws every summer! Would you like to have a free taste of gunpowder fresh M16s?"

joy-joy said...

may ADHD ata si trillanes.

musta loudcloud? buti active ka na nman sa pagba-blog.

loudcloud said...

antigonic! there goes our tourism industry! hahaha.

joy-joy - mukha nga. been busy and eating stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! hope you are well :-)

datu, the wilted prune. said...

next thing you'll hear, we'd be top choice as hotel personnel in war-stricken middle east countries for trauma resilience. no wonder Gloria's not complaining.

loudcloud said...

datu - a very enterprising point to ponder. "bonjour and welcome to kabul, monsieur guillome! if you can manage to dodge the shrapnels, there's a huge sale of carpets two blocks from here! enjoy your stay and be sure to pick up your spleen from the gutter on your way back to the airport!"

i say start the employment agency! i'll do the advertising campaign!

"book your hospitality staff now! our shock-proof pool of personnels are backed with extensive experience in third world mutinies! paydirt wages expected. and deeply religious!"

James said...

Excuse these people its a furthering your career in journalism seminar today.