Sunday, July 20, 2008


Pranks, I love. Not that I advocate or dispense them upon hapless folks (unless you’re a true-blue, real life friend, then watch out), but there’s this wicked glee to be derived from pranks. So long as you are not the unsuspecting recipient of the practical joke.

A warped blogfriend fired off a text message towards a mobile number which was presumed to be mine. His gag went along the line of soliciting for a textmate and that the number was found scrawled in bathroom stalls.

The true owner of the number freaked and immediately accused another real-life friend of perpetrating the malicious mischief.

Sensing the prolonged, awkward silence blogfriend followed up with a message asking if he indeed reached my number and if not, thereby extending an apology for the mis-targeted gag.

Number owner exhaled in relief and forwarded me the number and messages of blogfriend.

I howled in laughter when I found out of the whole naughty mess.

So I felt obliged to boomerang the joke.

“Pare, pwede maki-sexmate? Errr, textmate.” I thumbed on the message.

He wasn’t amused.

Sore snot.

~ ~ ~

So I’m back. Tired as hell. Gearing for another trip come next weekend.

Also, I have multiple long-overdue blog entries to post.

It isn’t slacking. It’s time deficiency.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Ok, it’s slacking.

Deal with it.


Misterhubs said...

LC, I dunno why. But I've been having these weird sexual fantasies about you, me, and datu lately. And when I say weird, I mean electrocution, fecophilia, and roosters.

Kidding! Bwahahahahaha. Don't you just love pranks on a Sunday morning?

Anonymous said...

sinabi sa akin
ni warped bloggerfriend
na ikaw yung nangloloko.
alam na namin.
kami pa?
kakaiba ka kasi magtext.

HinDi StIcKy Caps Poh.

magkaiba kasi tayo
ng telecomms network
kaya di ka namin
nareplayan agad


loudcloud said...

misterhubs! you are more warped than i gave you credit for! hahahaha. datu will get into hysterics when he reads this! LOL.

X! - ack! i was that obvious?! hahaha. next time i'll remember sticky caps, fractured grammar AND incomplete words! now i'm tempted to get another line in THAT retarded network. ugh. on second

i love myself enough to spare my nerves of unwanted aggravation from these telecom's moronic customer service people.