Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Streaming Rolls Of Flaming Feces

Movies are cheaper than therapy. But what if movies like Hugot and Paupahan encourage you to file class action suit and demand for therapy bills reimbursement? I am still thinking twice about writing an overdue review for both flicks because I cannot go into a nerve-grating exercise of recalling the scenes without hammering tacks into my eyeballs. I probably will later, when dead planetary rocks collide and a perverse streak hits my skull. Meanwhile I'll be very kind and give both films a capsule review:

Both cinematic opus mentioned bring out powerful imagination from comatose viewers: That of barrels of boiling turd.


Thank you RTM for the YM message! And for digressing in here :-)


Misterhubs said...

Does the turd come with corn bits? I like mine with a little bit of yellow kernels in them.


loudcloud said...

oh Lord! here we go again! hahahahah. now i regret having brought up turds. LOLz