Monday, September 29, 2008

Inhale This

Creditworthy Branding calls for appropriateness and here at LoudCloud Agency we take our jobs very seriously. Not only do we lose sleep conferencing friends over at YahooMessenger but we never rest our creative butts until The Work feels authentic. As part of our ongoing pro bono work we feel we owe the general populace an apt, honest product, branding and advertising design for a groundbreaking scent. We hope our efforts will garner effective response and demand for the product to shoot off the roof (and possibly a chance to be rewarded brownie points by “The Muse” and get invited to a—ahem—certain TV show). Ladies and gentlemen, presenting a new scent that will put an end to the entire Perfume industry. Bring out your gas masks!


Nostrils. The New Fragrance from Bhoy Abunda. Inhale it. Love it.

Naagpabango ka na ba, kaibigan?! Subukan mo! Now na!


Anonymous said...

i dont understand
why there is a
tag below the photo

are you trying
to mock your readers?


ArchieMD said...

Boy has this certain 'I-am-defecating-smile.'

Where is this available? I want to give this perfume to someone for Christmas.

Misterhubs said...

My eyes, my poor eyes!

(takes a rusty knife and gouges them out)

Mugen said...

Pro Bono indeed!!

And it works, saan ba makakabili nito so I can blog about this shit too!! :P

loudcloud said...

X! - you know how it is in advertising: everything should be BIGGER! hahaha.

Doc McFitch! - I feel for the hapless recipient! Hahahaha. I linked you up :)

loudcloud said...

misterhubs - pure torture, innit?! bwahahaha.

mugen - will be available very soon. I say, spread the shit! errr, the buzz!

Anonymous said...

How incredible can this be? Five Flies Award? Nothing can beat that!


Anonymous said...


* Nausea kicks in. *

talk said...

Loudcloud should be on The Buzz to promote this. Time to be steal the spotlight (or maybe share with Boy). haha.

loudcloud said...

mac! - Huwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt? you're immune to it's allure? how sad :(

talksmart - Yeah! Though I fear Tito Bhoy would stab me with a pencil in the eye. hahaha.

Anonymous said...


loudcloud said...

mac! - Awwww, c'mon! for once we can try agreeing it's indeed alluring :P

Genkuro said...


Now I have a product that can put my geriatric pets to sleep.

On second thought, wag na lang! That would be cruelty to animals.

Ester's Daily Thoughts said...

is this some kind of joke Loudcloud? where did you get this? I am so curious to smell his perfume. Wonder where can I buy this.
Ester's Money Journal, Bloger's Recollections

loudcloud said...

genkuro - honga, magrarally ang peta sa front gate ninyo. LOL. these kind of scents will be ideal recommendations for people you really hate. LOL.

tey - tey, you can sample the sensational stink JUST by tuning in to The Buzz!