Wednesday, September 3, 2008

See You Soon, Ban Ki Moon

Silje Nergaard awakened me, purring in breathy melody of The Waltz in my stereo, and I mumbled drowsily “This is going to be a neat day!”and immediately regressed back to sleep. Then my phone rang. All at once my blood circulation went berserk: work trouble!

This apathetic, irresponsible, crackbrained client justifies my homicidal streaks.

So much about world peace. Hand me a loaded Uzi!


E said...

LOL it's like being injected w/adrenalin hehehehhehe

don't use uzi-use flame thrower instead hehehehehhehe

Mugen said...

Do you want me to convene the security council your excellency?

Misterhubs said...

World peace is overrated anyway. Go, war and destruction!

Anonymous said...


Been there, done that.

I say, don't get mad, get even! If you can't do it to the client, then displace it to someone else. Bring it on!

- denciopadilla

loudcloud said...

e! the flame thrower idea is now more appealing! or a chainsaw! hehe.

mugen - how about a trigger-happy squad of assassins instead? LOL

loudcloud said...

misterhubs! hahahaha. i could always count on you to incite carnage! LOL. so much for your sworn statement to uphold peace and justice. :P

denciopadilla! - don't worry i'll spike his coffee with laxatives the minute he visits the office. meanwhile how about cooking barbecue off my flaming nostrils? LOL