Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stand Back, Barack

All right folks! High time to band together and oppose the dark force that is Blog Ni Inday! I have previously admonished that voting for Chiksilog will usher a utopian universe of beauty, humor and world peace while voting for Inday’s blog will make your puny skull implode.

Now is the time to repeat that cyberpolitical cue: Catapult Chiksilog on top of Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008!

Of all my previous nominees she stands as the strongest contender to squash the bid of the thesaurus-chomping nanny. So we might as well reinforce chiksilog’s bid to blog stardom and show the dollah-spokening, floor-vacuuming, neighbor-quarrelling hag that disgorging big words liberally will not necessarily translate to big votes!

Vote for Chiksilog!

And the rest of my nominees!

Or you might want to consider Mariano Huwantso too! AND Dear Diarya!

For all our sanity’s sake! For our children! And our children's children! For Inner peace! Prosperity! And Love For All mankind!

And while we’re at it, let’s link arms and sing It’s A Small World After All till we pass out.

~ ~ ~

P.S. I must admit that laziness bit my ass as far as illustrating this entry is concerned. Those red Chiksilog "posters" and the succeeding image were designs for customized shirts I sent Chiksilog for her birthday. But they look apt here, so I’m spared of another 20 minutes designing from scratch. Complaints, protests and dissenting reactions will be summarily ignored.


Anonymous said...

so if i do complain
i would be ignored?
how dare you.

i will just sing
bulaklak by the hotbabes
instead of
its a small world after all
since it reminds me
of my glorious pageant days
during my kinderschool

i did win the title

you should be the one
competing with the maid
im not even fit
to be a nominee
for the title
"funniest mannish blogger"

and yes i do agree
that the images look better
here in my
monochromatic red monitor

i find my emblem very cute
yet very unbecoming
of my bitchy persona

i do hope that igno has
nothing to do with this

thanks carmelo
you always hear me say that.
you always make me say that!
how dare you


E said...

wow..didn't know there's a voting contest....

Mugen said...

seryosohin ko pagboto dito. Ahahaha.


boboto ako.
at no to inday!

lunes said...

i love this entry.. vote straight tayo.

mr_d said...

yey "and deardiarya"! hehehehe. cute pa man din ang may-ari ng blog na yan. (ubo ubo)

loudcloud said...

x! - you are welcome. all the time! i'm disappointed that you didn't sow mayhem at wordcamp. hehe.

e - the voting contest has been going one for months already. feel free to cast your votes! :-)

mugen - tumpak! ibagsak ang imperyalesmong tumutuligsa sa karapatan ng ating bansa! Ibagsak and ispokening dollah! hahaha.

loudcloud said...

prosetitute - salamat kabayan! hadlangan ang pagwagi ng espokening dollah! huwag hayaang magtagumpay! iboto si X huwag si inday! LOL

lunes! - iyan ang dapat!

mrD!- cute nga ang may ari ng deardiarya. uy, komisyon ko sa sakahan! pag nanalo kayo dapat may balato! hahaha.

Mugen said...

I voted na. Kaso hindi nagreflect kay badoodles eh. BAkit kaya?

loudcloud said...

wow thanks mugen!!! you have to leave a link at badoodles blog so he can go to your site and confirm and your votes will be counted :)

igno said...

wow... effort buddy... fair 'nuf. hehehehehe... I ain't reading for the meantime. next time bud... next time.