Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bobby Eusebio! You Naughty, Naughty Boy!

Getting a community tax certificate at the Pasig City Hall, though not entirely an experience comparable to a brief detention in fifth level of Hell (or Auschwitz), is something strikingly similar to masochism that you emerge from it more sympathetic to Holy Week flagellants. Having no patience compounds the lovely experience, especially when you are handed a waiting number 585 and the counter is still serving number 23. There is no scientific/statistical evidence yet but you suspect the act of getting cedula is a prime recruitment tool for rebel and separatist groups. After fifteen minutes of shifting your weight in those welded airport chairs you begin nursing violent thoughts. Amplifying your growing homicidal tendencies will be the ceiling-mounted televisions bookending opposite ends of the hall, showing the painful, unwatchable noontime duel of equally-brainless dreck popularly known as Eat Bulaga and Wowowee. Twenty minutes of these lunchtime genius and you'll catch yourself plotting to wipe out Camp Crame, The Congress, The Senate and the entire local chapter of Lady Gaga Fans Club.

Ages later you're nothing but a quivering heap of mutated protoplasm. You regroup your scattered sanity and get the hell out.

On the way home you spot the City slogan emblazoned boldly on the tacky pedestrian overpass. It yells:


You suddenly feel dirty.

* More, Pasig! More! (This is the decent/Rated GP translation)


MisterHeuge said...

Seriously? That's the city slogan?

Good thing Makati doesn't have: "Kamutin mo, Makati. Kamutin mo!"

loudcloud said...

misterheuge - i wish i was kidding! it's painted in the overpass near C5 and capitolyo right next to some hospital by the curb!

i hereby resolve to do a signature to adopt your slogan as the official one of makati!


loudcloud said...

err signature campaign/drive

somemalebee said...

were you really

"getting your cedula" or were you

"getting something else"

in the infamous "Biglang-Liko"s of Pasig?

"quivering heap"

"you suddenly feel dirty"


loudcloud said...

somemalebee! - you are making me *MORE* dirty! LOL

and you blogged!

you blogged!


Mugen said...

But... but... but... I wanna be the President of Lady Gaga Fans Club, Baseco-Happyland Chapter before the year ends!

loudcloud said...

mugen - LOL!

you killed me.


rikuo bisiro said...

Natawa ako dun sa lady Gaga haha! di ako magaling mag-ingles hehe pesenciya napo : )

loudcloud said...

rikou - si mugen may pakana niyang lady gaga na yan hahahaha