Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oral Pleasure Awaits A Zac Efron Clone!

Scatterbrain infection is still upon me, rendering me incompetent in the blogging department. So as not to fling this feeble blog into the permanent depths of passing black holes I’d feed it a steady supply of random things. This policy is of course the blogging equivalent of eating LuckyMe instant noodles: filling yet empty. Or staring at the shirtless Zac Efron: compelling yet intangible.


For this edition of LoudCloud I’ll share recent stuff I hoarded to gather dust by my bedside.

01. Philip Roth – The Great American Novel
02. Richard Russo – Straight Man
03. Martin Amis – Success
04. Richard Dooling – Bet Your Life
05. Douglas Coupland – The Gum Thief
06. Armistead Maupin – Michael Tolliver Lives
07. Don Dellilo - Falling Man

In case words fail to arouse you here are a few tracks to subsist on:

The Evil Panda offers an incentive: he'll enthusiastically extend oral pleasure to those who can guess all the titles and artists and the albums these stuff were pilfered from.*

Start googling. Meanwhile Evil Panda is being busy paralyzing his gag reflex.

(* subject to Vatican approval, of course. Only applicable to those who look like the aforementioned shirtless Efron)


Mr. Scrooge said...

Thankfully, the owner of this blog, who set-up this contest, knows all the songs. Therefore, he wins the prize!

MisterHeuge said...

That Zac photo got me licking my dusty computer screen. Damn you, Zac, damn you.

loudcloud said...

Mr. Scrooge - Unfortunately as per DTI NCR PERMIT 696969 author of this blog and his relations to the 100th degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from winning the promo. A bitch, this bureaucratic glitch.

Misterheuge - may i remind you that orgasmic emissions are hazards. Have you no fear of electrocution? LOL