Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strangely Sterile Thoughts At Jesus’ Funeral

Concentration was such a struggle. The heat was merciless at lunchtime when the readings (and insightful reflections) on the Seven Last Words commenced and having skipped breakfast and lunch entirely made the three hour ritual challenging.

As the priests reflect on the Savior’s dying words my consciousness kept on detaching itself from the church proceedings like an aimless juvenile delinquent and hopscotched freely toward less sacred (but not evil/profane either) cubicles cluttering my scattered mind.

The same thing happened when I joined the Good Friday procession which bisected a nearby posh, gated village, interrupting the steady flow of traffic in the busy intersection of the central city district where I live. I attempted to join the public recitation of the Holy Rosary but kept getting distracted by abrupt modification in pacing of the three teenagers of varying degrees of devastating cuteness in front of me. I theorized that they were siblings and cousins and like me, their attention span must be somewhere else, which I assumed to be dwelling on abstained games of DotA or World Of Warcraft. They don’t seem to be concentrating either, and they carry off the air of casualness that made the whole religious rite seem like a requisite college thesis that needs to be done without due respect to enraptured interest or depth and commitment for the exercise. Had this been a day outside the Holy Triduum, my contaminated mind would be nursing thoughts that would lewdly float towards the sets of twinky videos, but strangely, no, my usually-hyperactive imagination favorably chose an antiseptic hide.

I wasn’t thinking corrupt thoughts or anything lewd, which, now that I am typing this, seems like a major improvement.

Which gives you, Evil Panda, something to remark on.

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P.S. On a more virtuous note, Easter Sunday is the most important Sunday in the entire Christian calendar. Do make an effort to attend church rites in recognition of God’s mercy and kindness (or an act of gratitude) for having Jesus redeem us all, aberrant humans.


E said...

suddenly you asking people to go to church after that?! lol kiddin!

Anonymous said...

Lol. I beat you. A priest washed my feet and kissed it. Buti na lang, the priest was young. Kadiri na kung old guy. :))

On that note, as he was washing my feet yesterday, I was thinking how much people with foot-fetishes would love to be priests, especially on Holy Thursday. :D

- Q

CW said...

The title says it all.... Strangely Sterile Thoughts at Jesus' Funeral???


Happy Easter! So, do you "egg" hunt? Lol.

Mugen said...

I will. Hopefully, I'm done with my "After Eden" entry by then.

loudcloud said...

E - i typed Cobra/Bel Ami then changed my mind and substituted "twinky" instead. I realized I was sacrilegious like CW in his Lenten post. kidding, CW!

Q - you and your kinky thoughts remain unchecked even on a Holy day. tsk. I was surprised you didn't turn into a pillar of salt! LOL

loudcloud said...

CW - no, we do "oyster" hunt, for the sole reason that it will repulse the evil panda. hahaha

mugen - i'm waiting for the second installment. *tapsfingersonthetableimpatiently* lol

Anonymous said...

Blog some more ya lazy bum! - Q

barnum&scrooge said...

Hi, I really adore you :) Ang galing-galing mo talaga magsulat.