Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yet Another Dispatch From The Limbo

Crawling out of the limbo is what I have been struggling on for a while. No, wait, that's a tad melodramatic. It's beyond cheesy I caught myself rolling my own eyeballs while typing that first sentence. Someone should kick me in the face. The impact might jolt my dormant snark back into circulation.

Sad to report that I have nothing much to report here. Hold on, that's not entirely true. I have lots of things to whine about, so much it would guarantee your instant migraine. In this regard you might want to thank your lucky stars that I cannot seem to commit my bent thoughts into a proper, coherent entry. This forfeits you the calamity of enduring any of it.

So what to do in times like this?

Distracting pesky voyeurs (like that evil panda) would be a very good trick. Here are a few choice digressions.

  • 01. Marlon Brando, he, of lust worthy genetic configuration and prodigious talent, has a photograph fellating a friend that resurfaced online. It was chronicled in Brando Unzipped and he didn't deny it, dismissing it as something not to be taken seriously because it was taken as a joke in a party. Regardless, that blasted photo didn't erode my respect for his talent one bit.
  • 02. After Fabien Baron's sudden departure from Interview Magazine (after spinning the magazine from stagnancy with this very bold cover), graphic wunderkinds MM Paris took reigns. I have been avidly following the Baron/MM musical chair game that spanned across collaborations from Calvin Klein Jeans, Arena Homme+, Vogue Paris and now, Interview. Twinky video poster boy Zac Efron is MM's launching cover.
  • 03. Speaking of Wunderkinds, the indie dynamos, Altajeros + Bonife tandem is threatening local movielandia with another collaboration. (I reviewed one of their works here.) I haven't been in the movie theater lately but I'll line up for this one when it hits the screens. If my hunches are to be believed, this collaboration will hopefully pump much needed combustion in the comatose pinoy movies considering the steady plague of dumb and dumbest flicks yawning onscreen.

A scab-ridden, crabby kitten.


Mr. Scrooge said...

You're a total bitch. Remind me to scratch you some time and give you some of my lice.

MisterHeuge said...

* The willy that Marlon sucked didn't look too appetizing. Shocking.

* Zac. Mmmm. Please violate the temple of my soul.

* Speaking of the local movielandia, have I told you that T2 is shit. It's shit wrapped in guano and smothered in diarrhea.

* Isn't this the 9,412,765th blog launched by the blogger formerly known as Q?

loudcloud said...

mr. scrooge - crabby crabby crabby.

misterheuge - LOL! choose between leandro and zac to demolish your temple. i steered clear of T2 upon reading your twitter feed. though maybe i should watch it so i can laugh at it. no, it's not q. it's a mutant that refuses to go away :P