Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Careless Whimpers

Sometimes I become what I despise: recklessness.

While trawling an online forum I chanced upon an interesting thread and without bothering to give one of the poster’s handle a second glance-over fired off a message:

you're up late.
isn't it too late/too early to look for love?

I realized the horrible mistake when I saw the user’s handle has a numerical extension and my mortification erupted into panic and furiously typed a follow up message explaining that it was meant to be a tease and that I mistook him for someone I usually banter with.

Apparently it’s not my lucky morning because he outpaced me and before I can finish my message I instantly received a miffed reply registering the fact that he was offended and that I am projecting.

I wish I have more legitimate excuse like having too much tequila or have been born with 666 stamped at the back of my skull. I wish I am naturally rotten and don't give a toss about other people's sensibilities. But I don't. And his taking offense is as valid as it gets.

The utter dumbness of my hasty behavior can easily be shrugged off by many but what makes it mortifying is that the recipient is one of the guys in the forum who actually make sense in his postings. And no, I am not saying this to save face; he even posted articulate and amusing replies on a thread I jumpstarted.

How can I be such a full-blown douchebag?

So it peeves me that I am irresponsible and offensive. I am genuinely sorry and aware that being a total skunk is inexcusable.

Please accept my sincere apology and here’s to wishing you well.

Excuse me while I club my head with a paper puncher.

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