Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Happiness of Thanklessness

Unwittingly, John Casablanca, founder of Elite Modelling Agency has enlightened the world at-large.

I was speed-reading through my stack of abandoned back issues of New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly and New York Magazines when I spotted the succinct interview with him in the latter title.

If one has to be bold in hypothesising, his seemingly innocuous pronouncement slash advice to aspiring talent agents may very well the secret key to happiness in general and I quote him:

“Don’t expect anyone to say thank you.”

How can that be false? Expecting thankfulness is prone to disappointment. Disappoint breeds unhappiness. The absence of unhappiness is bliss.

John, I now bow to your elevated wisdom.

Or I’m just more distorted than I gave myself credit for.

~ ~ ~

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