Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ignorance Favors Peroxide

Human nature is ten-fold more bizarre than, say, the mating habits of iguanas.

Notice the previous sweeping generalization guaranteed to incite wrath and contempt among mild-mannered blog readers. I wish I can be more diplomatic this time, but I think I’d say it once here: screw diplomacy.

What slapped my dormant rude chromosome into full wakefulness is a seemingly innocuous remark overheard conversation over at The Podium Starbucks:

Flaming Gay In Beach Blonde Streaks: Excuusssssssseee me, he’s gay. (Referring to the clueless guy several tables away who is unaware he’s the featured amusement)

Not So Flaming Gay In Green Shirt: I don’t think so. Maybe He’s bisexual?

Flaming Gay In Beach Blonde Streaks: There is NO such thing as bisexual.

Iced tea nearly shot out of my friend’s nostrils. We avoided each other’s eyes else we’d burst into manic chuckles and will be caught eavesdropping on public conversations.

Apparently This Peroxide Blonde Twerp is so misinformed and he is gaily reveling in ignorance.

But that triggered a debate between me and my friend, which, had not a bunch colleagues arrived, would probably end up in fist fights.

Barbaric, I know but in certain cases, violence is proved salutary.

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