Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Eric Kraft

“I'm delighted to see my work in your stack—and two books at that!” - ERIC KRAFT

Dear Eric Kraft,

Speechless would be putting it mildly. I was stunned! I stared at your comment far longer than necessary, unblinking, like a comatose lizard! I was trying to convince myself that it was some prank employed by one of my insane friends. Then I clicked the link on my blog's comment box and it led me to your website, which legitimizes the message. (Unless, of course, I hear otherwise from your lawyers :-) )

Please excuse me if I'm slobbering like retard. I'm having a René Magritte moment! It's so surreal. I'm still in shock that someone whose amazing works I sincerely admire would be gracious enough to leave a note in my embarrassing blog!

Where Do You Stop was my first discovery of your engaging works (this happened many many years ago). I enjoyed it so much, enough for me to look up your other titles. (I live in the cesspit of civilization where good reading materials are scarce, or arrive in limited stock.) Then I got hold of At Home with the Glynns and after reading it I resolved to seek more of your work.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I finally saw the last remaining copies of Herb N' Lorna and Inflating A Dog. (The latter is lush with beguiling charms and comic bursts that makes me deliberately delay finishing it.)

Taking cue from your book title, this is where I stop. I have already been blabbering like an idiot and I will spare you of further embarrassments.

However, I will persist in looking for your other titles and remain as a grateful reader whom you have have given pleasure through your inspired books!

Truly yours,

~ ~ ~

I was to write a post on this:

But I got so excited I made the above entry instead (Hahaha. excuse the teenybopper giddiness. It's not everyday a writer you admire would leave a comment in your unworthy blog :P). I'll identify the books on the new stack, later. And yeah, misterhubs, you'd hate me for what I'm gonna post next.


E said...

hmmm...whats the next post?hehehehe Im intrigued :-D

loudcloud said...

e! - oh, nothing to get so excited about. i'm just trying to annoy misterhubs. hahaha

Misterhubs said...

hate is such a strong word. i sense another glowing movie review coming up. ugh.

Mugen said...

The same reaction I felt when Berlin Manalaysay (Combatron, Funny Komiks) found my blog some years ago.

ian said...

a photo to entice me to expedite the planning of your demise so the books shall come to my possession harharhar

unsolicited admin advice: kindly consider adding the add comment blank sheet immediately after your post. it removes the additional step of having a comment sheet pop up. since you're tweaking your page anyway, dashboard> settings> comments> comment placement form> embedded below post =]

congratulations on your encounter with the eric kraft kind! more to come =]

loudcloud said...

misterhubs - let's see ;-)

mugen - unsettling, isn't it? hehe.

loudcloud said...

ian - your dark plan is not gonna prevail! the books are all mine! mine! mine! hahaha.

i'll see about that comment pop up thingy you're complaining about. i sure wish i don't mess up the codes again.

it was an unexpected comment, though we cannot be 100% certain it's mr. kraft himself :-)

Anonymous said...

loudcloud the fanboi?
since when?

i understand the giddiness
about the eric kraft
commenting in your blog
fanboi indeed

believe me
i know that feeling

and btw
i love the header
i love the avatar
please do remind me
that your favorite color
is blue

thank you


loudcloud said...

yes, i'm a 'fan' but notice how i avoided using the word? LOL

i was minimizing the slobbering factor :P

neat that you liked the new header and yes, it's blue.

apocalypse will hit prematurely the minute i use pink.