Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Opening Scene Straight Out Of A Badly-Lit Porn Video

Loud knocks - no, scratch that. The manic poundings sounded like a demented mule, raging on Ketamines, decided to practice cha cha moves using all four hoofs on my defenseless door.

I drowsily reached out for my mobile phone on the floor and jolted out of unconsciousness. Holy crap! Almost lunch time!

My woozy brains tried to dredge up foggy details from last night's Red Horse+Lemon Wedges incident and staggering towards the door my groggy head half-ly imagines that the poundings (both on the door and the inner linings of my skull) are nothing but a vivid bad dream and I'm nothing short of a hung-over sleepwalking skunk.

Annoyed I opened the door. Outside stood the Building's Officer In Charge of Security accompanied by two Meralco technicians.

Oh, drat! I forgot to pay my electric bill again! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!

This is where residues of last night's beer dissipated and my full mortification came crashing like a grand piano being dropped from the penthouse unto my half-conscious head:

Fuck a duck! I opened the door dressed in nothing but white boxer briefs!

I immediately slammed the door, ran back to the shower, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my hips and reopened the door and beheld the amused half-smirk of the three guys in the hallway.

I tried to carry out a straight face.

Then I cracked. Acknowledging my utter humiliation with a blushing laugh. Then everyone cracked.

I apologized for forgetting the payment, got the disconnection notice from the technician, closed the door, hurriedly grabbed a toothbrush, washed my face and slipped into sneakers, denim and shirt and hurtled towards the Meralco branch in blasted Pasig.

Then I remembered the looks on their faces. I let out another hearty chuckle, dousing my lingering mortification.

Also, regretting the fact that I failed to wink at the cute moreno technician.

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!


Misterhubs said...

The next time that happens, you know what to do. Invite the cutie in and ask if he could give you some, uh, technical assistance.

loudcloud said...

or i'd deliberately NOT pay again next time so he'd show up to disconnect my power!

THAT or mess with my flat's power fuse.


Mac! said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Presence of mind!!! LOL

Well, there's always next month's bill.

Lance said...

he must have had that ample power that electrified you out of your consiousness...
let's volt in! hihih

loudcloud said...

mac! - presence of mind and hang over are two things that do not agree with each other. haha.

you're saying that next month i'll default in my electric bill payment so i can flirt shamelessly?!!


Lance said...

added you on my links, btw...

loudcloud said...

lance - let's just say he can electrocute you out of your socks with a smirk. hehe.

thanks for the linklove! :-)

Mac! said...

If there's a will, there's a way.

my daily thoughts said...

hahahha, you should share some pix so we can imagine the technician's facial expression.. lols. How about that?!!! lols.. cute pala si Moreno Tachnician? hayyy!!! grabe!!! If it happens to me I dont know if I will go back to my room to cover my half naked body... lols..
Ester's Money Journal Concealed Mind

joelmcvie said...

You should have just stripped off your boxer briefs and addressed the cute moreno with: "Well then! Why don't you throw my switch... on?" sabay kindat.

I can't believe I've been ignorant of your excellent blog all this time. Must flagellate self. Meanwhile, let me rectify by linking your to mine. Blogs, that is.

loudcloud said...

mac! - indeed! hahaha.

tey - yes, i would have as you would but embarrassment sank in first. so i ended up blabbering like an idiot. :P

loudcloud said...

mcvie! - "Well then! Why don't you throw my switch... on?"

hahahahahahaha. you are such a naughty, naughty man! LOL.

thanks for the linklove! i have already linked you for sometime now but was also lurking in your site for ages. hehe.