Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Swear IT Almost Had A Trace Of Human Expression

Without as much as throwing me a split-second glance my sister compassed her index finger towards the crowded shelf. I was trying to find a classic book I'm borrowing for reference and her eyes were freakishly peeled, riveted towards the idiot box. She's enraptured like a stunned frog whose retinas were directly beamed by UFO lights.

“What are you watching?” I asked.


“What's it about?”

Pregnant silence.

“What's it about?” I repeated, not letting her off easy.

Her forehead furrowed, indicating annoyance. More silence.

Intrigued I sat on the couch next to her. I didn't figure out a single shit watching the crackbrained teletravesty for fifteen minutes. Philip K. Dick must be pealing with ludicrous howls in the Grand Afterlife Space Colony In The Sky.

Richard Gutierrez as a comatose android of subnormal intelligence running on Botox?

Pure casting genius!


Q The Conqueror said...

I prefer Jake Cuenca as the comatose android - during his stint at that show in ABS. :P

He was halfnaked a lot. :)

loudcloud said...

Really, Q?! Why? Were they running out of wardrobe budget? Hehe

E said...

ASERO?!?! hahahahahha

Misterhubs said...

Oh. So I guess it was an autobiographical TV show.

GMA, enough of Richard; more of Dennis!

loudcloud said...

E! - I know! hahahaha.

misterhubs! - "So I guess it was an autobiographical TV show." LOL! yeah, dennis is cute! in a twinky way. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

This series has been shown for weeks, so alas, you missed Heart Evangelista's "comeback" as a Bedouin-ish belly dancer. Her character's ancestors might have been with Marco Polo in his silk route or she might be Uygur after all. But how someone as Oriental-looking as her ended up in the sand dunes of Dubai is beyond explanation.

Anonymous said...

As for Jake Cuenca, that was for Palos. So, he was either in black with matching beret or in various stages of undress. I was not complaining at all.

loudcloud said...

mac! - that's one of the mysteries of the universe we will not resolve in this lifetime! LOL