Monday, August 4, 2008

Sound of Languor

Downcast weather is perfect to listen to the languid melancholy of this song I discovered recently:

Reminds me of Catpower's The Greatest, Lunik, Leona Naess and Vienna Teng.I'm looping it, idling at work, wishing I'm in bed.

(p.s. thankees misterhubs for helping in embedding/converting the audiofile!)


datu/the wilted prune said...

hI lOUdCLouDzzz iM <3<3Jhyien-Jhyien<3<3 datu wants to visit my sister site please very much *mwah!*


Mugen said...

I suggest you also listen to Antony and the Johnsons. I'm sure you would like him too. :)

loudcloud said...

datu! you're back blogging?!! woohoo!

loudcloud said...

mugen! - thanks for the tip! will look for your recommendation! cheers! :-)

datu/the wilted prune said...

@loudcloud - yes, i am. be very afraid. XD

toni/nonblogger said...

sitemeter - 11,111 ganda nmang # yan.
gusto ko po sana song pero nde ko alam title.

loudcloud said...


wow you hit a great number there!

the song is 'somewhere to lay down' by gina villalobos :-)