Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Quit it.

I am declaring a truce. Opposed to my better judgment I’d go the great lengths and fulfill an undesirable act of vulnerability. This is a hesitant admission: you prevail in this brutal battle. I’ve waged far superior wars and this kind of defeat is new-found; I am trying to reconcile with the why, the how and the ways I have yielded. We both know I am not easily perturbed. I hold a steady gaze, and blinking isn’t my characteristic gesture. This defeat, though not fairly won, is another sparkler in your proud laurels. I’ve allowed myself to lose. For the reason that it’s the most clouded way I know into our reciprocally-needed stillness.

Be still. And in the wake of silence bask in your conquest.

I’ll soundlessly fade into the nightfall. Like a muffled gust that was never there.

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