Monday, October 8, 2007

Peace And Other Self-same Delusions

Conflicts abound lately and not only because CNN thrusts our current affairs binoculars on Darfur. On a personal level it’s getting maddening. In the wake of last week’s feud, things aren’t peachy between PoshyKat and my sometime friend Cretindell. The short of it is PoshyKat wants to fire Cretindell and wanted me to help in the uprooting. Tough shit.

Clicquot, my Francophile colleague slash friend is at odds with our group’s chairman, who happens to be his Dad. His dad is at odds with his fiancée who happens to be another bratty friend. Convoluted.

Another beloved friend plots a Vengeance Date with her ex, who also happens to be a mutual friend. What she really wanted is that I orchestrate a sit down dinner, invite her ex and his wife, then she can size up the girl so she’d have the wicked feeling of supremacy in the end of it all. Insane.

Our image connoisseur is having a stalagmite-calibre legal battle with his mentor who happens to be another friend who happens to be married to PoshyKat. Migraine.

Amidst this whirlwind I stare in awe. My diplomacy level strained to the limits I sometimes get this uncontrollable urge to start yelling at everyone to get a grip and grow up. The problem is they are all grown up, sensible citizens clouded by revulsion and bitter resentments for each other.

There is so much self-expression in the world and brokering peace is discouraging.

Diplomacy is for the quixotic.

And, sadly, Quixotics are a moribund breed.

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